Digital Transformation of Utilities

The future of utilities is digitalization. We leverage IoT and cloud computing to assist power, natural gas, water, and heating companies in improving efficiency and service quality, paving the way for better growth.

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Public Service in the Era of Digital Economy

Utility companies play a pivotal role in society’s sustainability journey. Power firms are shifting towards renewables, while transmission and distribution companies upgrade grids for distributed energy integration. Rising urban populations require water utilities to modernize secondary water systems. Natural gas companies are boosting efficiency for a low-carbon future. Coordinated charging infrastructure is vital for a seamless EV experience. These challenges necessitate a digital strategy for utility companies to address, enhance performance, and advance towards a net-zero future.


Injecting “Digital Intelligence” into Public Utilities

Through monitoring, control and diagnostics using IoT technologies and devices, we can achieve intelligent management and operation of public utility facilities, making them more reliable and secure with greater service quality. These improvements contribute to better user experience, greater satisfaction and loyalty, and ultimately facilitate sustainability of public utility service providers.


Improving Efficiency and Stability

By real-time monitoring of facility operation status to realize promptly detecting and addressing faults and problems

Better Supporting for Data Analysis and Decision-making

To support for decision-making and operation optimization through analysis of massive operation data

Enhancing Security and Risk Management

Promptly identify and address vulnerabilities and risk events, ensuring the safety and interests of the public.

Better Service and Satisfaction

Improving the reliability, security, and service quality of facilities to deliver better user experience

Digital Transformation and Innovation

Facilitating digital transformation and innovative development in public utility enterprises through IoT technologies and intelligent operations, enhancing their competitiveness and market share


Customer Stories


The InDTU324 offers LTE CAT-M1 or NB-IoT connectivity for metering applications that feature low-volume, infrequent data but require secure and reliable transmission.


The IG902 enables users to oversee the operation status of the heat supply system, acquire accurate and effective data, thus ensuring secure and stable operation of the devices.


The “cloud + end” remote monitoring solution featuring the InRouter615-S and the InConnect delivers real-time communications and efficient monitoring & control.