Grab & Go AI Smart Vending Machine System

Swipe, grab and go. Enjoy your purchasing experience!

With innovative AI technologies, InHand’s AI Smart Vending Machine captivates customers and enhances purchasing experience.

Our operation service platform provides inventory management and real-time sales data, empowering you to gain insights into daily operations, maximize profits, and seize business opportunities.

 / Grab & Go AI Smart Vending Machine System

More Attractive Vending Terminals

  • Delivering seamless open-door, grab and go shopping process;
  • Occupying less space, having lower costs, and offering a diverse and well-stocked inventory;
  • Enhancing the shopping experience and increasing sales revenue on each machine.

AI dynamic recognition for accurate settlements

  • Multiple-angle cameras eliminate blind spots in user purchasing behavior
  • Dynamic recognition technology based on neural networks ensures accurate identification
  • Support for a wider range of goods categories with flexible display

Rich platform functions, operation made easier

  • Trusted by over 4,000 vending operators
  • Same platform for smart vending machines and AI refrigerators, with easier management
  • Inventory sales, replenishment management, and data-led operations

Stable and reliable, securing every transaction

  • 22 years of cellular network experience
  • Over 400,000 Android smart vending controller in stable and reliable operation
  • Special optimization for unmanned retail ensures 24/7 continuous operation


Reduced costs, minimal space, maximized sales


The InHand AI Smart Vending Machine enables quick deployment, streamlined operation and easy remote management from the cloud.