Smart Overhead Line Monitoring Solution

The IWOS is a smart distribution network monitoring solution, combining precise sensing technology and remote wireless communication technology enhanced by intelligent management and analytic software. It greatly contributes to improving power supply reliability, decreasing the losses of power failure and saving maintenance costs.

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Distribution network is the final stage of the power grid where electricity is delivered to all kinds of end users. Featuring complex network structures, diversified equipment types, and extreme environments, distribution networks generally involve quite a lot of failure risks. According to the statistics from China State Grid, over 90% of users’ power outages are caused by distribution line faults. 

In the past, when a fault takes place, power utilities have to send patrol teams to spend a lot of time to find the fault location section by section along the distribution lines. It usually take hours or even days to recover the power supply and most of the time are spent on locating the fault. Therefore, quick response and restoration of distribution line faults is the primary challenge to distribution line operators to improve power supply reliability. 

Power utilities require an efficient and cost-effective strategy to manage the distribution networks based on a detailed understanding of real-time operational conditions on every feeder and lateral, and up-graded capability to predict and quick response to any faults as they occur.

Customer Requirements​

Real-time Monitoring and Remote Management

Enable real-time acquisition of distribution line’s key parameters, such as current, voltage, fault waveforms etc. All the devices are capable of remote management, maintenance and upgrading.

Fault Indication

When a fault occurs on the line, all the sensors belong to the same bus-bar shall sense the voltage and current variation and be triggered to capture the transient waveform at that moment. the waveforms should be uploaded to the head-end system and analyzed by AI-enabled algorithms to determine the fault type and location.  The analytic results will be sent to line patrol team via email, SMS or mobile Apps to guide them to find the faulty line segment quickly.

Data Analysis and Report

An advanced data analysis platform is necessary to process, analyze, and visualize the distribution network’s operating data. It should support report and chart generation, enabling clients to maintenance their distribution networks more purposefully and drive continuous improvement.


IWOS consists of the 3 line sensors, one concentrator and the AI Analytic platform. The sensors are installed along the feeder lines from the substation to load side, in an appropriated distance, to divide the line into segments. They capture 3 phase line current and voltage characteristics and transient waveforms, uploading the data collected to concentrators via short-range wireless communication. The concentrators transmit the real time data and waveforms to IWOS platform using cellular networks for fault determination and grid condition analysis. The IWOS platform is the management centre of the system. It collects the data and waveforms from all monitoing points, and quickly judge the fault type and location by applying the InHand innovated AI algorithms. The fault determination results are sent to maintenance team via Email, SMS or mobile app to guide them to find fault location quickly.


Accurate Measurement and Fast Waveform Recording

With advanced electronic current transformers, achieves ±0.5% accuracy and captures ground fault waveforms at 12.8kHz with 256 points per cycle. 10μs synchronized accuracy for three-phase operation and high-quality synthesized zero-sequence current.

Stable and Reliable Operation

Full functionality at line currents above 3A (or 1A); robust industrial-grade design for reliable operation in complex electromagnetic environments; communication link diagnosis and recovery for stable communication.

User-friendly Maintenance

Easy and live installation, self-diagnosis, remote upgrade, and configuration.

Multiple Security Encryption Mechanisms

Support for IPsec and TLS.

AI Intelligent Algorithms

Fault diagnosis algorithms based on big data and AI, with accuracy of over 99% for short circuit fault localization and over 92% for single-phase ground fault localization in low-current grounding systems; support for analysis and localization of complex and evolving faults.

Management Platform

Panoramic monitoring, comprehensive analysis, statistical reports, and system management modules provide fault localization, complex fault analysis, hidden danger warnings, line health assessment, and load and power quality analysis.

Flexible Deployment Options

Supports public clouds, private clouds, and integration with distribution automation master stations, providing versatile platform deployment choices.