Stay connected anywhere with portable 4G cellular routers

Instant Internet Available at Your Fingertips

Connectivity fosters relationships, empowers businesses, and fuels knowledge acquisition. It enables remote learning in rural schools, supports late-night healthcare visits, facilitates power line installations, aids emergency responders, and allows work in various locations. From cafes to airports, exhibitions to live streaming, accessible and convenient connectivity makes dreams a reality.

 / Immediate Internet Connectivity

Background & Challenges

We need an affordable and accessible network connectivity anytime, anywhere. It enables smooth work operations, enriches our lives, and releases our potential. Whether it’s farmers at local markets, food vendors at street fairs, business travelers, or adventurers showcasing stunning landscapes, the challenge lies in fast, reliable, and affordable network access. How can we ensure continuous connectivity without technical expertise?

Affordable and accessible network connectivity anytime, anywhere


Plug-and-play router enabling immediate internet connectivity

InHand’s immediate Internet connectivity solutions include the portable cellular router CR202, 5G CPE, and the Device Manager, providing fast and convenient network connectivity anytime, anywhere. 


Simplified and Accessible Network at Your Fingertips

  • Convenient cellular network quickly deployed
  • More flexible and quicker than broadband
  • Suitable for mobile and temporary scenarios

High-quality Network

  • Enhanced network bandwidth with 5G
  • Stable and high-speed Wi-Fi
  • Significantly improved network experience

Stable and Efficient Network

  • Available with broadband and cellular networks
  • Intelligent network switching mechanism
  • Cellular LTE

Easy Deployment

  • Plug & play
  • APP configuration
  • Fast Wi-Fi connection

Efficient Management, Easy Control

  • Unified management platform
  • Simple and direct graphical data
  • Easy-to-use management interface
  • Comprehensive view of business distribution


Customer Stories


With the CR202 portable LTE router, you can take your show anywhere and keep the action going all day long!


The CR202 portable 4G cellular router delivers fast and reliable connectivity for business people, making business travel an easy and productive experience.


With dual Ethernet, 300Mbps Wi-Fi, CAT6 networks, dual external antennas, as well as 5000mAh battery, the CR202 delivers the connectivity as you need for a fixed store!