Intelligent Low-Voltage Power Distribution

As complex structures of traditional power distribution networks can affect the quality of power supply, it is imperative that IoT technologies be applied to upgrade the power grid. The IG502 helps connect circuit breakers in the power distribution room to the cloud, collect real-time operation data for analysis and maintenance, improving the efficiency of the power distribution system.

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The traditional power distribution network consists of a master station, residential area low-voltage transformers, and household feeder networks. Its complex structure can impact power supply quality. The current lack of intelligence and automation across numerous distribution networks and terminals hinders accommodating new energy management like distributed PV and electric vehicles. To address this, IoT technologies are essential for constructing, operating, maintaining, and managing power distribution networks in our interconnected era.

Customer Requirements​

Real-time Data Acquisition for Remote Monitoring

Enable real-time acquisition of multiple devices through different protocols. Allow remote control to adjust parameters and optimize the process.

Fault Diagnosis and Predictive Maintenance

An intelligent system is needed to analyze collected data and diagnose potential faults, issuing timely alerts to prevent faults, ensuring safety while improving efficiency.

Data Analysis and Reports

An advanced data analysis platform is necessary to process, analyze, and visualize operating data. It should support report and chart generation, enabling clients to monitor production efficiency, quality metrics, equipment utilization, and drive continuous improvement.


On one side of the solution there are multiple switches in the power distribution room, including frame breakers, molded case circuit breakers (MCCBs), and micro circuit breakers (MCBs). Each gateway is connected to a score of devices. Sensors are built within those breakers that collect data of voltage, current and power and automatically switch on/off. About 1000 variables are constantly generated from those breakers. With the DeviceSupervisor™ Agent, data undergo local pre-processing in multiple means (bit manipulation, computing, etc.), which reduces the data flowing to the cloud and relieves the cloud from heavy computing load.

The IG502 then uploads the filtered data to the customer’s platform, where data are stored, displayed and analyzed, and power utilization and alarms can be monitored. Anomalies can thus be detected in time in case of emergencies, and preventive maintenance be conducted. The monitoring platform also performs analysis of power utilization, bringing to customers greater value.


Easy Configuration for Data Acquisition

The IG502 supports major industrial protocols like Modbus, and DLT645. Data from circuit breakers can be read and analyzed by the IG502 with simple configuration via the DeviceSupervisorTM Agent, freeing customers from extra programming work.

Powerful Capabilities for Data Collecting and Computing

Built with ARM Cortex-A8 processor, 512MB RAM and 8GB eMMC FLASH, the IG502 offers powerful computing capabilities. Acquisition of massive data, multiple means of data processing can be accomplished all by the IG502 gateway. It is also able to respond promptly to commands issued from the platform.

Out-of-the-box Integration to Clouds

The IG502 supports major IoT clouds. Data collected by circuit breakers can be easily sent to the management platform without development work, thus enabling remote monitoring of distribution rooms and preventive maintenance, better safeguarding customers’ distribution network.

Fast, Secure and Reliable Connectivity, “Always Online”

The IG502 is available with cellular networks (LTE CAT4/CAT1), Wi-Fi and wired Internet access, as well as multiple link redundancy technologies, continuously delivering fast and reliable network connectivity, ensuring onsite robots constantly connected.


More Applications

Smart networking solution of EV charging kiosk based on industrial computer.

The IG502 and the Device Manager, together with the customer’s robot management platform, enable remote centralized monitoring and management of robots.