InBOX ARM Edge Computer

The InBOX series of products are highly integrated, safe, and reliable edge computers designed by InHand for the industrial and commercial Internet of Things. With powerful edge computing, comprehensive security, and wireless connectivity, the InBOX series of products help customers easily implement data collection and analysis, meet various peripheral expansion needs, and network thousands of field devices to facilitate your digitization process.

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Endless possibilities, easy expansion and seamless networking

InBOX series products are dedicated to providing customers with a seamless network access experience anytime, anywhere, and offering expanded peripheral expansion options.

  • Support for multiple networking methods, including 4G/5G, wired, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth
  • Equipped with quad-core/six-core high-performance processors, 2GB/4GB of memory, and large-capacity storage options (8GB/16GB/64GB)
  • Abundant peripheral interfaces, including RS232/RS485, USB, Ethernet ports, HDMI, CAN, and more

Safe and reliable, support multiple operating systems

InBOX series products are dedicated to providing customers with a flexible and open application development environment while ensuring the long-term stability of the system and customer applications. Features include:

  • Support for Android/Linux distribution operating systems
  • Dual protection through software and hardware watchdogs
  • Secure boot support to prevent malware injection attacks

Industrial design, no fear of harsh environment challenges

The InBOX series features industrial design, capable of withstanding the challenges of harsh environments to safeguard your solutions

  • Metal housing with an IP40 protection rating
  • EMC protection indicators up to Level 3
  • Wide temperature support: -20°C to 70°C

Empowering Operations, Easy Configuration, and Batch Management

The InBOX series of products come with a vending machine cloud + terminal solution, providing a wealth of functional modules to enhance operator efficiency, reduce operational costs, and increase sales revenue.

  • Monitor real-time sales data, inventory, and equipment status
  • User-friendly touchscreen shopping experience with support for various non-cash payment methods
  • Compatible with MDB protocol and multiple proprietary protocols

Which Model is Right for You?

Ethernet Port1*100Mbps1*100Mbps1*100Mbps2*1000Mbps2*1000Mbps
(Not shareable)
Serial Port2*RS232 +
2*RS232 +
4*RS232 +
4*RS232 + 2*RS4854*RS232 + 2*RS485
GPIO//1*10PIN terminal block/1*10PIN terminal block
Audio//1* SPK, 1* MIC/1* SPK, 1* MIC
Dimensions17*15*2.6 (cm)17*15*2.6 (cm)19*15*4.36 (cm)19.02*16.02*4.36 (cm)19.02*16.02*4.36 (cm)
EMC LevelLevel 3/Level 4Level 3Level 3Level 3Level 3
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Smart Vending Machine Overall Solution

InHand provides a cloud + terminal solution, supporting multiple payment methods to enhance the consumer shopping experience. You can monitor device operations from anywhere, improving equipment operational efficiency.

InHand provides a hardware + networking solution, helping customers integrate on-site equipment, process local data, securely and stably upload it to the platform, assisting customers in building their own solutions, enhancing efficiency, and creating more business value.

InHand provides differentiated solutions to meet the requirements for EV charging kiosks, including real-time monitoring of EV charging station status, multiple payment options and device retrofit.