InCloud Manager

Cloud-based Network Management Platform

The InCloud Manager is a cloud-based network management SaaS that empowers enterprises to migrate network and application management to the cloud. It offers rich management functions for routers, access points, and switches, enhancing enterprises’ IT management capabilities.

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Cloud-managed networks improve your overall IT efficiency

The InCloud Manager empowers IT personnel to monitor the network anytime and anywhere.

  • Fast zero-touch deployment for plug-and-play devices, and remote configuration by IT personnel
  • Intuitive configuration language and simplified network orchestration
  • Centralized control on thousands of distributed sites across regions

Cloud connectivity empowers remote maintenance of your business machines

  • Virtualized networking technology ensures no access conflict without fixed IP addresses
  • Easily build remote access tunnels without modifying local network architecture
  • Support connectivity of distributed machines like IP phones, computers, servers, cameras, and controllers over Ethernet

Quickly build SD-WAN networks between branches

Integrating SD-WAN technologies, InCloud Manager renovates traditional WANs.

  • Multiple hub-spoke and partial-mesh networking models for flexible branch overlay networks
  • Ensure the critical applications operate with intelligent dynamic routing and automated routing negotiation
  • Joint integration of device firewall and cloud encryption ensures secure data transmission

Mobile App, control business in hand

  • Network configuration through QR code simplifies the configuration process
  • Visualizing network status and traffic usage enhances network insights
  • Alarm and fault diagnosis allows for quick identification and resolution of faults

Build exceptional networks for your future

View and manage everything in your network from the cloud through an easy-to-use, intuitive interface, and enjoy accelerated growth from here.

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