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InHand Networks provides a hardware + networking solution, supporting intuitive screen-touching interaction and easy expansion of peripherals such as cameras and card readers. Its high reliability ensures the stability of the smart charging piles’ operation over an extended period, significantly enhancing management efficiency and user experience.

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With the proliferation of electric vehicles and the popularity of clean energy, the charging pile sector is experiencing unprecedented opportunities. Our client, a leading charging pile manufacturer in the world, has been committed to driving innovation and wide spreading adoption of charging pile technology. However, their existing solutions are costly and challenging to scale up. Cost reduction and optimization have become paramount.

This manufacturer is in urgent need of a collaboration with a stable and reliable ARM industrial computer manufacturer to integrate peripheral expansion withnetwork connectivity. This will help reduce the overall cost of charging piles while providing a user-friendly interface, supporting various payment methods, and assisting them to upgrade and optimize their charging piles intelligently.

Customer Requirements​

Multiple Networks and Stable Transmission

With the numerous charging piles distributed in different areas, the solution needs to ensure stable connections and transmissions over 4G, Wi-Fi, and wired networks. And it also needs to provide real-time information on operational status and faults, enabling maintenance personnel to promptly detect device downtime or damage.

System Optimization and Cost optimization

High capacity at low cost is also required. The equipment is designed with good compatibility, avoiding the need for additional software adaptation work. It is capable of receiving timely system-level technical support to assist customers in secondary development and meanwhileto replace the original X86+router solution.

Stable, Reliable, and Rigorously Protected

Based on charging piles diversified scenarios,the equipment needs to withstand harsh EMC environments and temperature extremes, preventing any malfunctions or damage. This ensures a great user experience for customers, reduces maintenance and downtime, and maintains reliable operations.

Rich Interfaces and Powerful Performance

Managing and maintaining charging piles rely on powerful data processing system. The equipment contains robust processing power and features HDMI, USB, RS485, and other interfaces for connecting various peripherals like screens, cameras, POS devices, etc. This assists customers in building their own solutions.


InHand provides a hardware and connectivity solution for this charging pile manufacturing company. It features an industrial-grade design, with the capability to support up to EMC Level 4 protection, and it can operate in a wide temperature range from as low as -25°C. This robust design easily handles high voltage, strong currents, electromagnetic interference, and harsh environmental conditions, ensuring the charging pile run reliably for extended periods, minimizing downtime.

We also offer options for HDMI support or built-in high-brightness touchscreens, assisting customers in presenting user-friendly interaction processes. The product is equipped with a variety of interfaces, including USB, RS232/485, and Ethernet, allowing seamless integration with on-site equipment and enabling the addition of various peripherals such as cameras and sensors, more possibilities to a new world.

Our products under the InHand brand support multiple connectivity options, including 4G/5G, Wi-Fi, and wired connections, all with exceptional network stability, ensuring reliable communication for the charging pile. Additionally, we provide support for Android/Linux operating systems, along with extensive system optimizations, guaranteeing the stable operation of customer applications and helping them maximize the value of their solutions.


Stable Connection Guarantees Equipment Connetion to the Cloud

InHand’s products, which support various network connection methods such as 4G/5G, WiFi, and wired connections, are suitable for challenging deployment environment, providing seamless network connectivity.

Deep Optimization, Support Multiple Operating Systems

InHand’s products support Android/Linux operating systems and have undergone deep optimization of the system to ensure the long-term stability of customer applications, providing a flexible and versatile environment for app development.

Industrial Design, Fully Protected in Harsh Environments

InHand’s products, featuring industrial-grade design and offering up to Level 4 EMC protection, are unswayed by harsh environments, ensuring the charging piles operate steadily for an extended period, continuously bring value.

Powerful Configuration, Unlimited Possibilities

InHand’s products are equipped with high-performance processors, perfectly handling complex computational requirements; they are also equipped with a rich array of interfaces, meeting expansion needs and bringing limitless possibilities.


More Applications

The IG502 and the Device Manager, together with the customer’s robot management platform, enable remote centralized monitoring and management of robots.

The IG502 helps connect circuit breakers in the power distribution room to the cloud, collect real-time operation data for analysis and maintenance, improving the efficiency of the power distribution system.

InHand Networks provides a hardware and networking solution that seamlessly connects cameras, BMS, electricity meters, and other devices. Its high reliability ensures the long-term stable operation of energy storage equipment。