Grab & Go AI Smart Vending Machine (Coming Soon)

InHand’s AI-powered Smart Vending Machine offers a broad selection of products, giving consumers a wide range of options to choose from. Its intuitive “open-door, grab-and-go” design enables customers to make purchases quickly and easily, increasing sales for operators.

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Reduced costs, minimal space, maximized sales

The AI smart vending machine outperforms traditional vending machines in many ways:

  • Reduced costs with a quicker ROI
  • Compact and lightweight for easy placement and transportation
  • Improved restocking efficiency and wider product variety
  • Increases customer interaction and sales

Diverse payment options for a seamless shopping experience

The AI Smart Vending Machine offers a range of non-cash payment options. For shoppers with good credit, a pre-authorization is granted, allowing them to select their items, close the door, and have the system automatically handle the payment settlement.

  • We seamlessly integrate popular scan-to-pay options like WeChat, Alipay, and soon-to-arrive LinePAY. Credit-based shopping is supported through POS card swiping. Customizable for various non-cash payment methods across countries.

Leveraging AI dynamic recognition technology for precise shopping behavior analysis

InHand’s AI Smart Vending Machine integrates cutting-edge AI dynamic recognition technology. By accurately identifying the types and quantities of purchased products, it allows customers to conveniently grab items and go without waiting for payment.

  • Dual 2-million-pixel wide-angle HD cameras capture complete shopping behavior.
  • Highly accurate recognition algorithms guarantee accurate settlement. New product additions are streamlined and easy to learn.
  • A library with thousands of pre-trained products facilitates accelerated business growth.

Dependable hardware for worry-free 24/7 sales

  • Strategic partnerships with top-tier freezer manufacturers ensure high quality of the refrigerator.
  • InHand Networks’ self-developed AI kits, including AI edge computers, digital locks and AI cameras, assure stable and reliable operations thanks to profound R&D experience for hardware

Key Parameters

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Recognition SchemeCV Dynamic recognition
Capacity470L (Gross), 430L (Net)
Interface Description7 rows*8 columns of drinks (about 500ml) each layer;
each single layer can bear 35kg
No. of Layers6
Cellular Network4G
Authorization MethodQR Code, POS
Dimensions660 (width)*696 (depth)*1990 (height)
Cooling Temperature1~+10℃
Refrigeration MethodAir cooling
Power Consumption3.6KW·H/24H
Total Weight95kg (including packaging); 85kg (net weight)
Light Box and Lower ShieldSheet metal material
Glass DoorDouble-layer insulated glass, LOW-E film/single layer


The InHand AI Smart Vending Machine enables quick deployment, streamlined operation and easy remote management from the cloud.