Smart Merchandiser Kit

The traditional retail industry is in dire need of digital technologies to boost competitiveness. Merchandisers play a pivotal role in driving sales, increasing product visibility, and branding. InHand Networks’ smart merchandiser system, which includes a smart controller and the InFMS management platform, enables customers to efficiently manage their operations and enhance profitability.

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Stable connectivity for assets visualization

Effective asset management is crucial for brand owners. Our smart temperature controllers, leveraging 4G connectivity and backed by InHand’s 22 years’ experience in cellular networking, ensure continuous and reliable communication, enhancing efficiency of freezer asset management.
LBS and Wi-Fi fingerprint positioning

  • Electronic fence feature
  • Real-time status reporting
  • Power outage location reporting

High-standard design ensures stable and reliable operation

With strong electrical control capabilities, it can control the compressor, fan, and lighting. The relays are designed with a safety margin and have passed professional tests like CQC.
  • Designed to meet industry’s high standards
  • Versatile parameters for various temperature control logics
  • CQC, SRRC, CTA, RoHS&REACH certified

Enhanced sensor capabilities for smarter freezers

The intelligent controller acts as the “brain” of the merchandiser, supports connection to temperature sensors, infrared sensors, door magnets, cameras, speakers, and backup batteries. This gives brand owners full control of their machines.

  • Utilize door openings to determine cabinet utilization
  • Generate heat maps of customer density using foot traffic
  • Enhance consumer interaction with intelligent audio features

Intelligent photography and cloud-based merchandiser layout replication

Specifically designed cameras are incorporated into the merchandisers for layout recognition. When a consumer opens the door, the camera automatically takes a photo and uploads it to the cloud through the controller.

  • 2 million HD pixel camera for superior clarity, minimal noise, and stable imaging
  • 150° wide-angle lens captures the entire merchandiser layout
  • Motion sensors trigger automatic photo capture when the door is opened

Key Parameters – Smart Temperature Controller

Communication mode4G CAT1 module
Low-voltage interfaceSingle&Two switch door data
Temperature sensor
LED lamp current monitoring data
Infrared human traffic data
High-voltage interfaceCompressor control
Fan control
LED control
Control panelFour function keys
Temperature display (Celsius, Fahrenheit)
Cooling state, fan state, defrost state, lighting state, network status, fault notification.
Other interfaceBackup battery
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Key Parameters – AI Camera

Basic InformationModelInCAM201
Operating SystemEmbedded Linux
FOVD: 150° diagonal, H: 125° horizontal, V: 67° vertical
Image ParametersSensor1/2.9", CMOS sensor
Array Size1920(H)*1080(V)
Max Image Transfer Rate25fps
Motion Capture ImagingFast adaptive light adjustment, close-range object motion artifact removal, and other patented ISP processing technologies
Encoding FormatMJPG
Image Resolution1080P/720P/360P@25fps
Other FunctionsDemistSupported
Motion SensorSupports camera activation in response to freezer door opening
General ParametersMachine Dimensions102mm(L)*19mm(W)*25mm(H)
Waterproof LevelIPX6
Transmission ModeRS485
Power Input5V, 400mA (Max)
Power ConsumptionMax < 2W
Operating Temperature-15°C ~ 50°C
Storage Temperature-30°C ~ 70°C
Humidity≤ 95%RH (non-condensing)
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AI-enabled Cloud + Edge Smart Merchandiser Solution

InHand’s cloud + edge solution for smart merchandisers helps operators better manage their business, increase sales, improve efficiency, and boost profits.

InHand provides customers with stable and reliable AI kit for merchandisers, helping customers build and implement their own solutions.

InHand’s smart temperature controller helps operators remotely control the merchandiser, better manage their business.