IoT Edge Gateway

The InHand Edge Gateway can break the data barrier of industrial field, quickly establish the connection between industrial field equipment and the cloud, and help you achieve more efficient operation, which is widely used in various fields such as manufacturing, energy, agriculture and healthcare.

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Simple configuration for edge-to-cloud data acquisition

The InGateway offers intuitive visualized configuration.

  • Supports multiple industrial and electrical protocols (Modbus, ISO on TCP, OPC UA, DNP3, etc.) for easy data acquisition.
  • Supports MQTT, enabling edge computing and data pre-processing for cloud connection needs.
  • Easily connects to multiple IoT clouds concurrently, including AWS, Azure, and Thingsboard.
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Powerful edge computing capabilities

  • Excellent data processing capacity with up to quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 processors
  • Up to 1GB RAM ensures processing of large amounts of data and complex tasks
  • Up to 8GB Flash, compatible with SD cards and USB drives, catering to diverse storage needs

Flexible development environment enables users to customize their applications

  • Python programmable, with flexible APIs
  • Supports Docker, enable fast application migration
  • Batch deployment of Python applications through InHand clouds, efficient application management from the cloud.

Extensive interfaces, flexibly serve different scenarios

  • Internet connectivity: Cellular, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi options available.
  • Multiple Ethernet ports and serial ports allow connection to numerous devices.
  • 4*DI and 4*DO support flexible I/O connections.
  • USB extension enables easy connection to various devices.

Stable and reliable, specially built for industrial applications

  • A fully industrial-grade design with wide temperature and voltage ranges, ideal for different working conditions
  • High EMC levels, efficiently resist electromagnetic interference
  • Fan-less cooling
  • IP30 protection rating, resistant to dust and liquid

Which Gateway is Right for You?

CPUARM Cortex-A8 600MHzARM Cortex-A8 1GHzARM Cortex-A8 1GHz
Serial Port1*RS-232
1*RS-485 or 2*RS-485
4*RS-4851*RS-232, 1*RS-485
I/O4*digital/ pulse input
3*digital/ pulse output
/4*digital/ pulse input
3*digital/ pulse output
Cellular TypeCAT1, CAT4, 5G (China only)CAT1, CAT4, 5G (China only)CAT4, CAT6
Wi-FiSTA/AP, 2.4G (802.11 b/g/n)/STA/AP, 2.4G&5G (802.11 ac/a/b/g/n)
ProtocolsModbus, EtherNet/IP, ISO on TCP, OPC UA, DLT645 -1997, DNP3, IEC 101, IEC 104, etc.Modbus RTU/TCP, OPC UA Client,
ISO on TCP, EtherNet/IP,
IEC101, IEC103, IEC104, DLT645-1997, etc.
Modbus, EtherNet/IP, ISO on TCP, OPC UA, DLT645 -1997, DNP3, IEC 101, IEC 104, etc.
Open PlatformsPythonPythonPython, Docker
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Real-time visualization, predictive maintenance, and data-driven decision-making for streamlined operations.

Equipped with edge computing capabilities, the IG902 pre-processes, filters and cleans the constantly streaming data before sending them to the cloud. Data is used to analyze and predict failures, and schedule advanced maintenance.

Featuring powerful edge computing capabilities, support for multiple industrial protocols and IoT clouds, industrial design, the IG502 delivers a reliable remote monitoring solution for air compressors.