iSCADA Cloud

The iSCADA Cloud provides web-based SCADA, equipment alarms, and remote control for customers. Data acquisition and cloud integration are made effortless, allowing real-time monitoring of equipment status and swift response to operational alarms, enhancing operational efficiency, and minimizing equipment downtime.

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Rich visualization features, intuitive presentation of operation status

  • Customizable web-based SCADA screens with a variety of widgets help quickly create intuitive monitoring interfaces.
  • Multiple alarm notification methods allow swift response to equipment abnormalities.
  • Historical curve plotting allows you to customize the displayed data for diagnostic analysis.
  • Data monitoring dashboards help effortlessly grasp data status and perform remote value writing.

Simplified and quick batch deployment

  • Batch configurations and deployment in the cloud: Easily save the configured data acquisition settings on communication terminals and quickly apply them to other equipment through simple binding operations, enabling “one configuration, batch deployment”.
  • After any changes to the model are released, the visual interface and the data acquisition configuration will be automatically updated, enhancing your management efficiency.

Flexible authorization management

  • Permissions for user operation and equipment management defined on the interface: Customize user permissions to each page and functionality, flexibly meeting the requirements of different scenarios.
  • Customize the organizational structure, quickly assign specific data permissions for each user category.

Remote monitoring anytime anywhere with mobile app

iSCADA mobile app gives you full control over the operational status of your equipments anytime and anywhere, ensuring reliable equipment performance.

  • Remotely monitor the real-time operational status of your equipments and stay informed at all times.
  • Receive equipment alarms and promptly respond to critical alerts, ensuring reliable equipment operation.
  • Access historical equipment data, analyze equipment performance and get expert-level support.

Efficienly monitor device status

Utilize the quick batch deployment feature to easily achieve real-time monitoring of a large number of remote devices from the cloud, helping you promptly respond to device anomalies.

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