InFMS Platform for Smart Merchandisers

The InFMS IoT platform offers real-time monitoring of merchandiser conditions, including temperature, lighting, passenger flow, and door openings. Equipped with AI cameras, it analyzes and monitors product display, helping boost sales. The platform enables remote control and management, allowing brand owners to optimize merchandiser operation, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

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Merchandiser data acquisition and remote management

  • Remote adjustment of merchandiser temperature, lights, etc. to ensure optimized storage conditions
  • Assets protection against theft, automatic alarms once the merchandiser is moved out of the set location
  • Monitoring of door status and traffic, providing operators with richer business data
  • Timely notification of fault data to prevent losses due to equipment failure
  • Management according to organization structures, ideal for large organizations

Mobile app, business management made easy and efficient

  • Quick deployment of merchandisers, quick activation through QR code scan
  • Visualized parameter settings, merchandisers made easier to use
  • Timely notification of fault data, making management more effective
  • Analysis and reports of product display, timely reminders of replenishing

AI powered, quick insights into products display

  • Visual technologies analyze product display
  • Custom KPI for display monitoring, regular evaluation of display execution
  • Comprehensive analysis of product display according to branding and positioning
  • Competitor recognition for vicious competition


AI-enabled Cloud + Edge Smart Merchandiser Solution

InHand’s cloud + edge solution for smart merchandisers helps operators better manage their business, increase sales, improve efficiency, and boost profits.