Telematics Solution for Crushers

Featuring vehicle diagnostic protocols, multiple interfaces and advanced customization functions, the VG710 delivers an ideal function to crushing telematics, helping OEMs remotely monitor their machines and improve productivity.

 / Telematics Solution for Crushers


Crushers are vital industrial equipment in mining and construction industries. However, the monitoring of operation and maintenance has been a major concern. Our IoT-based smart crusher solution offers an innovative approach by connecting crushers to the Internet. It enables real-time monitoring, remote management, and data analysis, ensuring efficient, secure, and reliable crusher operation.

Customer Requirements​

Real-time Monitoring and Remote Management

Obtain real-time status, operational parameters, and key indicators of the crusher, allowing remote operation monitoring and better productivity.

Fault Diagnosis and Predictive Maintenance

Help detect potential failures early, predict maintenance needs, reduce repair time and costs, and maximize crusher reliability and availability.

Optimize Performance through Data Collection

Gather and store operational data of the crusher, enabling analysis for improved productivity, quality, and energy efficiency.

Alerts and Anomaly Notifications

Send automatic alerts when the crusher encounters abnormalities or exceeds set limits, enabling prompt action to prevent losses and downtime.


In response to such scenarios, InHand Networks offers smart crusher solutions to empower customers with remote monitoring and operation.

The VG710 is deployed on the crusher and connects to multiple Electronic Control Units (ECUs) on the crusher chassis via the CAN bus, enabling real-time collection of operational data such as angles, working time, and fuel levels.

With high-precision GNSS and inertial navigation, the VG710 provides real-time location information. It uploads collected data, including crusher status and location, to the cloud over fast and stable 4G/5G networks, helping monitor crusher status and identify anomalies.

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Extensive Interfaces

Built with multiple interfaces, including CAN, serial ports, Ethernet ports and Bluetooth, the VG710 enables connection to multiple peripherals and expand the in-vehicle network.

Flexible Development

The VG710 supports python, C/C++ and Docker programming; FlexAPI enables easy integration to customers’ local applications or third-party clouds.

Major Clouds Ready

The VG710 supports major cloud services, including Azure and AWS, making it easy to migrate vehicle data to the cloud.

Secure and Reliable

Equipped with multiple security mechanisms from the edge to the cloud, offering strict data protection and safeguarding business.

Industrial Design, Adaptable to Harsh Environments

The VT300 series features industrial-grade design to withstand frequent fluctuations in current and voltage, intense vibrations, and extreme temperatures. With IP66/67 protection, it resists dust and water, ensuring reliable operation.


More Applications

The VT310 can be connected to multiple peripherals on board, conducts various functions including real-time engine diagnostics, anti-theft, days in use/on site, maintenance, etc.

Integrating extensive interfaces, multiple diagnostic protocols and major IoT clouds, the VT310 delivers reliable vehicle telematics for col chain logistics, while remaining budget friendly.

The VG710 provides high-speed, secure and reliable 5G connectivity for firetrucks, enabling quick and reliable data transmission, vehicle tracking and management.