Wireless Connectivity for ATM

To meet the demands of maintaining stable connection and cutting downtime. The router of IR302 provides smart and secure wireless connectivity for users to remotely monitor ATMs and conduct timely maintenance.

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Challenges with deploying ATMs are typically high initial costs and remote locations. Which often results in high manage costs when ensuring ATM connectivity in different remote locations. 1% of down time is roughly 7.3 hours per month and 84 hours per year. How much is 84 hours worth to your business? Losing time is losing revenue. We can help you decrease ATM downtime & get more out of your equipment from the beginning.

Customer Requirements​

Reliable, Uninterrupted data Communication

Stable communications should be ensured between the ATM and the ATM processor for continuous ATM operation.

Information and Financial Security

Transaction data need to be encrypted from external attacks to protect customers’ security.

Rugged Design and Flexible Installation

The solution needs to be flexible enough to be deployed in diverse locations and endure long-time reliable operation in unattended sites.


The IR302 industrial LTE router offers high security, reliability and can establish VPN connection that features advanced firewalls and supports a variety of protocols for remote transmission.

The IR302 offers stable and secure data link for ATMs. Dual-SIM failover enables the ATM to be connected to different carriers’ links. When the primary link fails, the IR302 quickly switches to the other to ensure transmission stability. As the financial data transmitted by ATMs is highly sensitive, security is important. The IR302 supports multiple firewalls and VPN technologies, which protects data transmission.


Reliable, High-speed, Uninterrupted Communication

The IR302 provides continuous access to high-speed cellular networks, ensuring efficient data transmission. The multi-layer auto link detection and recovery ensures stable network connection.

Greater ROI Due to Reduced Operational Costs and Downtime

The IR302 makes communication smooth and reduces downtime. If an issue occurs, the IR302 can quickly provide diagnostics, saving time and labor for the ATM operators.

Secure Data Transmission and Better Protection

The VPN encryption protects financial data, freeing end-users from security concerns.

Easy for Mass Deployment and Centralized Management

The IR302 supports Device Manager, which enables remote management of routers, including batch deployment and upgrading, making it easy to manage thousands of sites across regions.


More Applications

To meet the demands of maintaining stable connection and cutting downtime, the router of IR302 provides a reliable and smart wireless connectivity for digital signages.

InHand’s Wireless POS Solution includes an affordable LTE router and the Device Manager cloud platform to ensure highest level of reliability, maintain uptime and reduce costs for customers.

With dual Ethernet, 300Mbps Wi-Fi, CAT6 networks, dual external antennas, as well as 5000mAh battery, the CR202 delivers the connectivity as you need for a fixed store!