Industrial Router by InHand Networks
Industrial Router by InHand Networks

Industrial Routers

Equipped with comprehensive and intelligent software functions and all industrial-grade hardware, InHand industrial routers are suitable for various IoT scenarios and capable of providing highly reliable, high-speed and secure networking services to help enterprises improve operational efficiency.

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Multiple means of Internet access, anytime, anywhere

  • 5G cellular network access, SA/NSA
  • 4G cellular network access, available with CAT1/CAT4/CAT6, 2G/3G fallback
  • NB-IoT
  • Wired/ ADSL access
  • Wi-Fi access
InRouter offers 5G/4G, wired and Wi-Fi connections
Industrial Routers offers reliable communications

Highly Reliable and Uninterrupted Communications

  • Multiple links for communications and multiple backup mechanisms, mutual failover between wired, LTE cellular and Wi-Fi networks
  • Dual SIM failover
  • VRRP
  • Multi-layered link detection mechanisms, auto redial and auto recovery from faults

Comprehensive Security Strategies

  • Data transmission: Multiple VPNs, including IPsec VPN, L2TP, PPTP, GRE, WireGuard VPN, ZeroTier VPN, OpenVPN, DMVPN, etc.

  • Network protection: Complete firewall functions including SPI all status detection, access control, anti-DDOS attacks, virtual IP mapping, MAC-IP binding
  • Device authority management
Comprehensive Security of IR series Industrial Routers
Industrial Routers with Extensive Interfaces

Rich industrial interfaces

InHand industrial routers realize flexible and reliable equipment interconnection through a wealth of hardware interfaces.

  • Internet connectivity: Cellular, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi
  • Serial ports: RS232, RS485
  • DIO
  • GNSS

Stable and reliable, specially built for industrial applications

  • A fully industrial-grade design, with wide temperature and voltage ranges
  • High EMC levels
  • Fan-less cooling
  • IP30
  • Din-rail mounting
Industrial-grade 5G/4G Cellular Routers

Simplified cloud management

InConnect Remote Access Service

  • Easy-to-use remote access service
  • Remote maintenance
  • Connection to a wide range of Ethernet machines

Device Manager

  • Centralized management
  • Batch operation
  • Real-time update on devices status

Which Router is Right for You?

IR624 5G Industrial Router
SIM2*Nano SIM2*Nano SIM2*SIM2*Nano SIM2*SIM2*SIM
ETH2*10/100Mbps5*10/100 Mbps5*10/100 Mbps4*10/100/1000Mbps2*10/100 Mbps5*10/100 Mbps
Serial Port1*RS-2321*RS-232
I/O2*DIO (DI/DO configurable)4*DIO(DI/DO configurable)///1*DI, 1*DO
Voltage Range9~36V DC9~36V DC9~26V DC9~48V DC9~48V DC9~48V DC
Operating Temperature-20 ~ 70℃-20~70℃-20 ~ 70℃-20~70℃-25 ~ 70℃-25 ~ 70℃
EMCLevel 2Level 3Level 3Level 3Level 4Level 4
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The IR915 connects one or more field PLCs to form a field network of concrete mixing equipment, collect data of field controllers and sensors, and upload the data intelligently with local caching mechanism. In this way, data reliability, real-time and security are ensured, with saved data flow costs.

Medical devices can be connected to the IR305 industrial router through Ethernet or Wi-Fi, so that multi-dimensional status data of these devices can be transmitted to the management center for monitoring and remote maintenance.

Maintaining safe operation of elevators is of vital importance. The elevator networking solution is to address the safety issues in elevator operation with IoT technologies. By establishing a remote monitoring platform, real-time monitoring and emergency alarms are enabled.