Device Manager

Device Management Cloud

The Device Manager is designed for enterprises to manage the industrial routers and gateways from InHand. With a visual user interface and simple workflow, Device Manager helps you monitor the running status of devices on-site and make remote configuration and upgrade hassle-free.

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Device management with high-efficiency

  • Rich device management features for various industry scenarios
  • Manage distributed routers and gateways without travel
  • Multi-role data permission control ensures efficient IT/OT collaboration anywhere

Centralized management, batch maintenance

  • Centrally manage asset info, firmware, configuration, and edge computing applications
  • Manage devices with on-demand grouping and classification
  • Real-time tracking of device location using GPS or base station positioning system

Maintain thousands of devices in a few clicks

  • Establish remote maintenance tunnels with multiple protocols, easily enabling remote access to on-site machines
  • Firmware and configuration updates for thousands of devices with just a few simple steps

Mature architecture, secure transmissions

  • Visual reports and charts enable managers to quickly gain insights into business
  • CA certification, data encryption, user authentication, and access control ensure data transmission security

Seamless control for a connected world

The Device Manager provides a centralized control center where you can gain real-time visibility into the status, performance, and health of your interconnected assets.

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Remote Monitoring of Bearings

To better monitor the status of bearings and conduct preventive maintenance, InHand Networks delivers a solution featuring the IG902 edge computing gateway, helping acquire real-time data of the bearing status, upload data to the cloud for analysis and maintenance.

The IG902 edge computing gateway connects onsite PLCs to the cloud, helps collect data from the site, process data locally and upload them to the cloud, ensuring clean, high-quality drinking water for urban residents.

Featuring powerful edge computing capabilities, support for multiple industrial protocols and IoT clouds, industrial design, the IG502 delivers a reliable remote monitoring solution for air compressors.