Remote Maintenance of Medical Equipment

Remote Maintenance of Medical Equipment

Medical devices in the hospital such as ultrasonic instrument, ventilator, ECG, blood analysis instrument and in-vitro diagnosis can establish a LAN with IR305 industrial router through Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and then establish data connection through high-speed cellular network. High-speed bandwidth and low latency network enables customers in remote medical equipment centers to receive multi-dimensional status data of these devices in time.

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As IoT usage grows in healthcare industry, medical devices are now connected to the Internet for real-time data sharing, ensuring device reliability. Manufacturers seek efficient networking solutions to support remote maintenance and diagnostics within complex and secure hospital networks, raising the question of meeting specific medical industry networking needs.

Remote Maintenance of Medical Equipment - Background

Customer Requirements​

Reliable and Uninterrupted Networking

With large amounts of data to be transferred continuously, it is expected that reliable and uninterrupted communications be ensured.

Comprehensive Data Security Mechanisms

Medical data are sensitive and require strict security protection. Data should be encrypted during transmission.

Easy Centralized Management

With a large number of devices deployed across different location, manufacturers expect easy management of remote equipment for better maintenance.


InHand Remote Maintenance Solution of Medical Equipment

Medical devices in the hospital such as ultrasonic device, ventilator, ECG, blood analysis instrument and IVD device can establish LAN with IR305 industrial router through Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and then data connection is established through the high-speed cellular network. Customers receive multi-dimensional status data of these devices in time from remote medical equipment centers. A secure data transmission tunnel through firewall and VPN encryption function guarantees the security and integrity of data to avoid malicious network attacks.

The diagnostic information of medical equipment can get back to the hospital timely. In case of failure and abnormality of medical equipment, the remote medical operation and maintenance center can respond to these situations at the first place, providing solutions, recovering the failure in time, all of which enable medical equipment to serve hospitals stably and continuously.

The Device Manager simplifies the management of numerous medical devices through user-friendly interfaces, providing comprehensive data. Batch operations effectively tackle the challenge of managing network devices and maintaining on-site network control.


New Network Experience

The IR305 is equipped with high-speed network access capability, providing high bandwidth and low latency networks, SA and NSA for on-site IoT devices to construct efficient networks.

Comprehensive Security Strategies

Multi-level security strategies, multiple VPNS, firewalls, and device permission management, etc., protect sensitive data and main service networks from attacks and threats, providing secure networks.

Comprehensive Network Functions

The IR305 supports multiple network networking functions and is suitable for complex and large-scale network applications. Either simple or complex IoT applications, it can build networks rapidly.

Easy-to-use Cloud Management

The IR305 can be accesses to InHand Device Manager. With a centralized cloud platform, operation status of thousands of distributed site devices can be monitored and managed anytime anywhere, making management simpler, more efficient and more economical.


More Applications

Featuring powerful edge computing capabilities, support for multiple industrial protocols and IoT clouds, the IG502 performs reliable remote monitoring for air compressors.

Featuring strong data transmission and edge computing capabilities, the IG502 offers a remote monitoring solution for distributed machines and enhances efficiency for facility operation and maintenance.

The IR915 4G industrial router offers reliable wireless communications to the system, enables remote maintenance, diagnostics and early warning, reducing equipment downtime and enhancing the efficiency of manufacturers.