Flood Warning System

In face of the frequent floods in Thailand, InHand Networks partnered with Industrial Technology Supply Co., Ltd. (ITS) in delivering a remote monitoring solution for flood detection and early warning.

 / Early Warning System for Floods


Thailand is a country frequently stricken by heavy rains and related meteorological disasters. The Thai government has been long under pressure to protect its people and property. The advanced IoT technologies have made it possible to build a communications system that can detect the water level and send warning at the earliest possible time. Since 2005, Thailand government has been committed to building an early warning system that ensures enough time for evacuation.

Customer Requirements​

Real-time Monitoring

It is necessary to promptly acquire real-time data on water levels, rainfall, and other parameters from various locations in the city to quickly respond to flood risks.

Fast and reliable connectivity

There are 2000 observation stations countrywide, each of which needs to transmit meteorologic data to management center for remote monitoring.

Extensive interfaces to connect a variety of devices

There are quite a few meters and sensors at each station, which requires different interfaces to connect.

Support for Modbus protocols

It is expected that the solution can read and analyze data with major industrial protocols like Modbus TCP/RTU.


On each site are installed multiple devices collecting data of water level, ground moisture, rainfall amount, temperature, etc. All those devices, as well as an HMI, are connected to the IG502, which is loaded with ITS’s Python application. The SCADA system sends a polling request every minute, and the IG502 acquires data via its serial ports and Ethernet ports through Modbus RTU/TCP, and then uploads data to the SCADA, creating and managing different graphic status displays, so that technicians can view the data and do analysis. If signs of floods are detected, the SCADA sends warning to local stations, so that the administration can arrange early evacuation of residents in the neighborhood.

To ensure complete and accurate data transmission, the IG502 logs all data over the day and sends logfile to the center at midnight (after polling request received) in case there is missing data in the database. Generally, logged data are kept for more than a day in case of data request later on.


Local meteorological status constantly monitored, lives and property safeguarded

Available with reliable 4G cellular networks and multiple redundancy mechanisms, the IG502 delivers continuously stable and reliable connectivity to onsite devices, ensuring constant monitoring of local meteorological status and protection of people’s lives and property throughout the country.

Custom applications serve your business to the fullest

Python programmable, the IG502 enables running of custom applications. Customers with certain development capabilities can write their own script and design the solution the way that serves business best.

Powerful data storage and processing capabilities, free from data loss

Built with ARM Cortex-A8 processor, 512MB RAM and 8GB eMMC FLASH, the IG502 demonstrates powerful capabilities for local data processing, ensuring reliable operation of onsite business applications and sufficient space for history data storage.

Extensive interfaces, “all-in-one” data acquisition for multiple variables

The IG502 is built with multiple interfaces, including Ethernet, serial ports, I/Os, USB, etc. Multiple variables from different devices can be acquired with one device, which saves costs.


More Applications

The IG902 helps acquire data from onsite PLCs and upload data to the cloud, ensuring clean, high-quality drinking water for urban residents.

The InDTU324 offer reliable connectivity for remote metering of water utilities.

The IG902 enables users to oversee the operation status of the heat supply system, acquire accurate and effective data, thus ensuring secure and stable operation of the devices.