Building Efficient Enterprise Branch Networks

The ODU2002 has a 5G network that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, no need to wait for broadband network.Provide more agile network services for small and medium-sized branches of enterprises, so that your business is no longer limited.

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As enterprises continue to grow with more branches, demand for network access is also increasing. It becomes pressing for businesses to provide convenient, stable and reliable networks for branch offices in order for the sustainability of core business.

The expansion of enterprise branch offices requires more convenient and easy-to-use network equipment. Meanwhile, businesses are highly sensitive to the bandwidth and network quality of their office networks. High-quality network experience for employees can effectively enhance productivity.

Customer Requirements​

High-bandwidth network

High-bandwidth networks to meet operational needs.

Efficient Network

Efficient network deployment to improve employee experience.

Stable and Reliable

Stable and reliable with quick recovery from faultless.


As the device for 5G access across enterprise branches, the 5G ODU provides high-speed 5G cellular connectivity for computers, mobile phones, tablets, as well as office facilities like video cameras, printers, and servers.

With its outstanding performance, the 5G ODU builds an excellent and powerful network. Up to 2Gbps data throughput and 2*2.5Gbps Gigabit Ethernet ports help enterprises build stronger and more agile networks, improving network experiences and fueling business growth.

Firewall functionality and policies provide enterprises with a highly secure network environment and data transmission tunnel, safeguarding business against vulnerabilities and threats.

The InCloud Manager platform offers network status display, network terminal access, network fault alerts, and network diagnostic tools, enabling IT personnel to quickly identify and locate network issues and restore network connectivity in the shortest possible time.


Simple and Convenient 5G Access

With its high-performance 5G cellular network access capability, the 5G ODU fully unlocks the potential of 5G, allowing you to enjoy exceptional performance and low-latency connections.

Outstanding and Powerful Network

With its exceptional performance, the 5G ODU helps enterprises build stronger and more agile networks, improving network experiences and facilitating business development.

Multi-dimensional Security Protection

The 5G ODU provides enterprises with a highly secure network environment and data transmission tunnel, protecting the network against vulnerabilities, attacks, and threats. Multi-dimensional security measures ensure network safety.

Rigorous Outdoor Design and Exquisite Quality

Adhering to stringent outdoor design principles, the 5G ODU maintains an artisanal attitude in product design and component selection, providing high-quality products suitable for unmanned and harsh outdoor environments.

Efficient Cloud Management

By integrating with the InCloud Manager, 5G ODU achieves unified cloud management of thousands of distributed sites across different regions, breaking through limitations and allowing network status monitoring and IT management efficiency enhancement anytime and anywhere.

Exquisite Outdoor Design and Superior Quality

The 5G ODU adheres to rigorous design principles and meticulous parts selection, providing high-quality products suitable for unmanned outdoor networking scenes in harsh environments.


More Applications

5G ODU provides convenient network access for chain convenience stores, enabling efficient handling of critical transactional data and supporting rapid business expansion.

The InHand Cloud-Managed Networking Solution helps achieve timely restoration of network communication and reduce the impact of network failures for your business.

For small enterprise branch offices, 5G ODU can provide convenient 5G network access and cellular link failover, enhancing network flexibility and reliability. With the InCloud Manager, it improves the efficient management of enterprise networks.