5G Networking for Chain Stores

Chain enterprises have hundreds or even thousands of stores. As business continuously expands, the IT network of these stores becomes particularly crucial.

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Stores need simple and convenient network access services for devices such as POS, self-checkout terminals, and video surveillance. Some stores are located in suburbs, highways, and other remote locations, for which “unrestricted” network connectivity is even more important.

Customer Requirements​

Simple and Convenient Network

Simple and convenient network for business expansion.

Reliable High-speed Network

Stable and reliable high-speed network for smooth customer experience.

Easy to Manage

Efficient operation and management of thousands of stores.


The 5G ODU2002 deployed brings to stores fast and immediate access to 5G network and helps get rid of wait time for wired networking. High bandwidth and low latency effectively ensure smooth operation and delivers enhanced customer experience.

The 5G ODU2002 product can be installed outdoors with flexibly adjusted angles, so as to ensure optimal 5G coverage. Highly reliable 5G network guarantees business continuity in the store.

The InCloud Manager provides unified platform management services. Through a multi-dimensional visual interface, IT personnel can monitor the real-time network status of each store, quickly identify and address issues, greatly improving operational efficiency.


Simple and Convenient 5G Access

With the high-performance 5G cellular network capabilities, the 5G ODU enables rapid access to the full potential of 5G, delivering excellent performance and low-latency connections.

Zero-touch Deployment

The 5G ODU supports zero-touch deployment, allowing non-IT personnel to easily power on and install network equipment on-site, while IT personnel can remotely initialize and configure devices from the cloud, saving deployment costs.

Exquisite Outdoor Design and Superior Quality

The 5G ODU adheres to rigorous design principles and meticulous parts selection, providing high-quality products suitable for unmanned outdoor networking scenes in harsh environments.

Efficient Cloud Management

The combination of the 5G ODU and InCloud Manager enables unified cloud management of thousands of distributed sites across regions, breaking through limitations and allowing network status to be monitored and managed anytime, anywhere, enhancing IT management efficiency.


More Applications

InHand Cloud-Managed Networking Solution offers simple and fast deployment and a centralized management platform to convenience stores, enhances your network management efficiency with lower costs, boosting your business expansion.

5G ODU offers easy access to 5G networks and cellular link failover services for small enterprise branch offices, improving network flexibility and reliability. Combined with the InCloud Manager, it delivers efficient network management.

For small enterprise branch offices, 5G ODU can provide convenient 5G network access and cellular link failover, enhancing network flexibility and reliability. With the InCloud Manager, it improves the efficient management of enterprise networks.