InHand Edge Intelligence Solution

To extend artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, vast amounts of computing already occur at the edge of hospitals, factories and retail locations and drive decisions in core systems.

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Innovate with Edge Intelligence: Your Industrial Edge

Benefits of edge intelligence

  • Edge intelligence can optimize your network bandwidth and costs.
  • Edge intelligence can help you achieve real-time decision-making.
  • Edge intelligence can enhance data privacy and security.

Cloud-centric architecture

At the core of InHand Networks’ edge intelligence system is the DeviceLive cloud platform.

  • The DeviceLive simplifies configuration and upgrades, efficiently managing multiple devices for seamless deployment and operation.
  • The DeviceLive empowers extensive edge computing management, including SDK, container, and user app control.
  • The DeviceLive facilitates remote access to your own devices globally like PLC, enhancing your convenience.

Diverse options for varying needs

  • A variety of CPU choices: from single to multi-core ARM processors, select computing power based on your needs.
  • Multiple choices for AI performance: select AI power from 1 to 26 TOPS, ideal for edge AI tasks like facial recognition, speech recognition, image recognition, and more.
  • Supports multiple interfaces: Ethernet, serial ports, USB, IO, CAN, HDMI, LVDS interfaces cater to different needs.

Software ready for a thriving ecosystem

InHand’s edge intelligence products provide a standard Linux development environment for running IIoT and various applications. They come with the embedded DeviceSupervisor Agent for parsing numerous industrial protocols and connecting to the cloud via MQTT.