Smart Logistics

By embracing smart technologies such as intelligent software and hardware, IoT, big data, and cloud computing, modern logistics has evolved into a finely-tuned, dynamic, and visualized management approach for each process. It incorporates intelligent analysis, decision-making, and a heightened level of automation, leading to significantly improved operational efficiency.

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Logistics is entering an era of intelligence

The growth of e-commerce, volatility of energy markets, and rise of labor costs have presented new challenges to the logistics industry. In response, the logistics sector seeks to enhance the efficiency, visibility, and sustainability of transportation through digitalization, paving the way for a low-carbon future.

E-commerce demands greater scheduling flexibility, quicker deliveries, and broader transportation coverage. Consequently, logistics companies must improve route planning, optimize transport schedules, and achieve higher delivery efficiency.

To ensure the safety and quality of goods requires more precise management, which involves monitoring vehicle location, temperature, and condition. Ensuring driver safety and well-being is equally pressing, prompting the adoption of video and sensor-based driver assistance technologies. Logistics companies aim to use cleaner energy sources, reduce carbon emissions, and plan more efficient transport routes, all of which align with digitalization.


Our advanced solutions leverage intelligent software and hardware, IoT, big data, and cloud computing to drive fine-grained and intelligent logistics management. With real-time tracking, smart route planning, and data analysis capabilities, we help customers enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve sustainability, leading the logistics transportation industry into the era of intelligence.


Real-time Tracking & Visibility

Real-time cargo tracking and visibility enable customers to get constant updated on location, status and expected time of arrival.

Smart Route Planning

Big data analytics and predictive algorithms facilitate smart route planning and optimization, saving time and costs for transportation.

Data Analytics & Forecasts

Big data analytics and machine learning algorithms assist in in-depth analysis of transportation data and predictive capabilities. Valuable insights, optimized transportation plans, inventory management and demand forecasts help customers improve operation efficiency.

Sustainable Logistics Solution

Optimized routes, transportation models and plans result in reduced energy consumption and emissions, facilitating cleaner logistics and better brand image.


Customer Stories


Autonomous driving implies greater importance of high-speed and reliable communications between vehicles and the management center, so that security can be guaranteed. The VG814 offers ultra-fast 5G connectivity for on-board scenarios.


The VG710 smart vehicle gateway enables real-time monitoring of ground service vehicles, shuttle buses, refueling vehicles, luggage vehicles, and aircraft trailers, etc, and also including various functions such as vehicle status monitoring, maintenance record, fault alarm, dispatching nearby vehicles.


Integrating extensive interfaces, multiple diagnostic protocols and major IoT clouds, the VT310 delivers reliable vehicle telematics for col chain logistics, while remaining budget friendly.