Transforming Rural Healthcare Connectivity with 5G FWA Solution

InHand Networks’ 5G FWA solution is revolutionizing rural healthcare by providing seamless access to high-speed 5G networks, crucial for enhancing the efficiency of healthcare services and fostering the growth of digital healthcare.

 / Transforming Rural Healthcare Connectivity


Rural healthcare in the U.S. has long been hindered by limited access to reliable internet, which is essential for effective healthcare delivery. These institutions frequently grapple with slow and unstable internet connections, impacting everything from remote medical consultations to the seamless transfer of critical patient data.

Customer Requirements​

Effortless Internet Access

Immediate, reliable connectivity is essential, particularly in remote areas where traditional broadband is lacking.

Stable Network Connectivity

Vital for ensuring the uninterrupted flow of medical data and the provision of telehealth services.

Simplified Network Deployment

Easy-to-implement solutions that don’t require extensive IT expertise.


The implementation of the 5G FWa solution serves as a beacon for rural healthcare providers, demonstrating the significant impact of 5G FWA in elevating the standard of healthcare and promoting the adoption of digital health solutions.


High-Speed Internet

Our 5G FWA technology equips rural healthcare providers with rapid and dependable internet connections, accelerating the exchange of medical information.

Efficient Medical Data Transmission

The high bandwidth and low latency of 5G FWA enable quick and smooth communication among healthcare professionals, enhancing remote collaboration and expedited healthcare decision-making.

Reliable Remote Healthcare Services

Stable connections support effective telemedicine, allowing healthcare professionals to offer top-notch remote consultations and patient monitoring.

Multi-Device Support

Facilitates the simultaneous use of various medical devices and applications, improving overall operational efficiency.

Continual Technical Advancements

InHand Networks commits to ongoing technical support and upgrades, ensuring healthcare institutions always have access to the latest in 5G technology.


More Applications

InHand Networks’ 5G FWA technology offers a transformative solution for café connectivity, delivering faster and more reliable internet to cater to the evolving needs of customers.

InHand Networks’ 5G FWA solution transforms remote educational landscapes by providing a reliable and swift internet connection that traditional broadband services have failed to deliver.

The FWA02 5G router offers an efficient, congestion-free network solution to bolster public safety communication.