Revolutionizing public safety communication with InHand's FWA02 5G router
Revolutionizing public safety communication with InHand's FWA02 5G router

Revolutionizing Public Safety Communication with 5G FWA Solution

In the critical arena of public safety, the speed and reliability of communication can be the difference between success and failure. As we face an increasing number of emergencies and disasters, the need for efficient, congestion-free networks is more crucial than ever. Traditional networks often struggle under the pressure of high demand during crises. This is where InHand Networks’ 5G FWA products step in, offering an innovative solution to bolster public safety communication.

 / Revolutionizing Public Safety Communication with 5G FWA Solution


In emergency situations, the ability to disseminate information rapidly and accurately is of the utmost importance. Traditional networks, prone to congestion and limitations in times of crisis, can hinder effective communication and delay rescue operations. The integration of 5G FWA technology is vital to overcome these challenges, ensuring seamless public safety communication.

Revolutionizing public safety communication with InHand's FWA02 5G cellular router for fixed wireless access

Customer Requirements​

Reliable High-Speed Network

Critical for public safety, a dependable and swift internet connection is essential to ensure the swift flow of information and effective coordination of rescue efforts.

Seamless Real-Time Communication

Essential for immediate coordination and information sharing among first responders and command centers.

Simultaneous Multi-Device Connectivity

Essential for synchronizing various rescue tools and devices in collaborative emergency response operations.

Expansive Network Coverage

Crucial for ensuring stable network availability across diverse and wide-ranging emergency scenes.


The 5G FWA technology is instrumental in elevating the efficiency and precision of public safety responses, ensuring rapid information transmission and enhancing the accuracy of emergency operations.


Ultra-Fast Connectivity

Delivering speeds up to 4.76 Gbps for rapid, real-time information exchange and streamlined rescue operations.

Optimized for Instant Communication

Ensuring uninterrupted, high-speed communication channels for seamless coordination.

Robust Multi-Device Support

Facilitating a cohesive network environment for various emergency response tools.

Extensive Coverage Assurance

Providing broad and stable network reach for consistent connectivity in any scenario.

Enhanced Security Protocols

Implementing multi-layered security strategies to safeguard communications and data integrity.

Effortless Management

Simplified deployment and monitoring for operational ease, minimizing the need for extensive technical expertise.


More Applications

InHand Networks’ 5G FWA technology offers a transformative solution for café connectivity, delivering faster and more reliable internet to cater to the evolving needs of customers.

InHand Networks’ 5G FWA solution transforms remote educational landscapes by providing a reliable and swift internet connection that traditional broadband services have failed to deliver.

InHand Networks’ 5G FWA router offers a seamless and robust network connection that keeps travelers connected wherever their journey takes them.