Eagle Energy Manager

InHand’s Eagle Energy Manager platform utilizes sensor tech and data analysis to optimize energy use. Monitoring consumption, production, and environment in real time, it identifies patterns, cuts waste, and reduces costs. With intelligent adjustments, it enhances efficiency, lowers emissions, and supports sustainability goals.

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Smart energy management

Real-time monitoring in industrial parks offers data-driven smart energy solutions, enhancing efficiency, controlling costs, and promoting sustainable development.

  • Real-time Monitoring and Optimization: Precise data monitoring, instant adjustments, and optimal energy consumption and environmental parameters.
  • Cost Efficiency and Competitiveness: Reduced energy costs, improved production efficiency, and enhanced competitiveness.

Intelligent energy consumption optimization

Utilizes intelligent management for office lighting and air conditioning systems, enabling real-time monitoring and adjustments to achieve energy efficiency and environmental goals.

  • Smart Strategy and Real-time Control: Analyze data for optimal energy strategies and make real-time lighting and air conditioning adjustments.
  • Energy-saving Discovery and Automation: Identify consumption patterns, automate lighting and air conditioning control for greater efficiency.

Intelligent maintenance management

The platform enables custom alerts for notifications and maintenance work order creation, including inspection work orders, enhancing energy and equipment management efficiency.

  • Customized Alerts and Triggers: Users can customize alert logic, and the system automatically triggers notifications when data meets the conditions.
  • Alert Notifications and Maintenance Work Orders: Alert notifications are sent to relevant personnel, and maintenance work orders are automatically created for rapid response and issue resolution.

Mobile Intelligent management

The energy management system’s mobile app offers real-time monitoring, convenient operations, timely alerts, and data-driven decision-making, enhancing energy management efficiency.

  • Real-time monitoring and remote control: Achieve remote monitoring and control of energy consumption and equipment status anytime, anywhere.
  • Flexible and convenient management: Enhance management flexibility and convenience without geographical limitations.
  • Timely alerts and rapid response: Instant alert notifications for quick response to abnormal situations, reducing risks.