Eagle Energy Manager
Eagle Energy Manager

Eagle Energy Manager

Eagle Energy Manager is designed for factories, campuses, and commercial buildings. It enables real-time monitoring of device status and energy efficiency, generates detailed reports and operational insights, and offers automated energy-saving strategies. This helps businesses enhance device reliability, operational efficiency, and management effectiveness, achieving cost savings and sustainability goals.

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Real-time device monitoring to improve operational efficiency

  • Offers device monitoring via web SCADA, real-time data, reports, and a mobile app, reducing manual inspections.
  • Monitors critical device power quality in real-time, analyzing issues like phase imbalance to minimize faults and economic losses.
  • Customizes alert rules and delivers alerts via web, SMS, and email, enabling prompt detection and response to device faults.
  • Provides transparent maintenance information, allowing personnel to quickly understand device status and improve efficiency.
Real-time device monitoring by Eagle Energy Manager
Data-driven decision making by Eagle Energy Manager

Operational transparency and data-driven decision making

  • Automatically generates operational reports and analyses, saving time on manual data compilation.
  • Uses energy consumption data to set targets and performance standards, promoting energy-saving initiatives across departments.
  • Enables data sharing across departments via a unified platform, ensuring efficient information transfer and improving overall work efficiency.

Comprehensive energy efficiency analysis for cost savings

  • Provides energy efficiency analysis tools, including energy flow diagrams and YoY/MoM comparisons, to quickly identify abnormal energy consumption and improve utilization efficiency.
  • Offers intelligent energy-saving strategies, optimizing the operation of key devices like air conditioning in real-time to reduce waste.
  • Conducts smart analysis of factory operations and provides optimization recommendations, assisting personnel in making efficient decisions for energy savings and cost reductions.
Energy efficiency analysis for cost savings by Eagle Energy Manager
Sustainable development facilitated by Eagle Energy Manager

Advancing sustainability, enhancing competitiveness

  • Optimize energy usage and reduce carbon emissions, supporting carbon neutrality initiatives.
  • Ensure compliance with laws and regulations through regular reviews, minimizing environmental risks.
  • Promote sustainable development, enhance brand image, and improve market competitiveness.