InPAD ARM Edge Tablet

InPAD series products are reliable intelligent industrial and commercial IoT solutions, with stable network connection, sufficient interfaces, and good structural design, and can be applied to various application scenarios such as HMI, remote monitoring, and data acquisition, bringing you a more flexible and stable user experience.

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Endless possibilities, easy expansion and seamless networking

InPAD series products are designed to provide customers with seamless network access and versatile peripheral expansion options:

  • Support multiple networking methods, including 4G/5G, wired, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.
  • Equipped with a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and 8GB of storage.
  • Abundant peripheral interfaces, including RS232/RS485, USB, and network ports.

Industrial design, excellent structural characteristics

InPAD series products come with a bright touch screen, avoiding the trouble of screen modification, and easily respond to various installation or modification sites.
  • IP65 protection level (screen surface)
  • 7-inch/10-inch bright capacitive touch screen
  • Wide temperature support: -10℃~60℃

Safe and reliable, multi-system version support

The InPAD series products come with a customized and highly optimized operating system, ensuring the long-term stability of both the system and customer applications. They support multiple versions of the Android system, enhancing software compatibility:

  • Android 7.1 and Android 12 support.
  • Dual protection with software and hardware watchdogs.
  • Secure boot support to prevent malware injection attacks.

Which Model is Right for You?

DisplaySize: 7-inch
Resolution: 1024*600
Size: 10.1-inch
Resolution: 1280*800
Ethernet Port1*100Mbps
Serial Port2*RS232, 2*RS485
Dimensions19.5*12.88*3.6 (cm)25.8*17.2*3.6 (cm)
Protection RatingIP65 (screen)
EMC LevelLevel 2
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