AIoT Hardware Solution for Smart Merchandiser

InHand provides customers with stable and reliable AI kit for merchandisers, helping customers build and implement their own solutions.

 / AIoT Hardware Solution for Smart Merchandiser


Dedicated to boosting management efficiency and driving sales through innovative technologies, leading brands of merchandisers are seeking to connect their devices and access real-time shelf information. Before partnering with us, they primarily utilized traditional beverage or coil vending machines that are deployed in factories, schools, and so on.

Customer Requirements​

Reliable Hardware

The customer looks for an intelligent temperature controller that is adaptable to various freezer models and features a user-friendly interface for a camera to capture shelf display information.


The controller serves as the “brain” of the merchandiser, while the AI camera acts as its “eyes”. Data gathered is transmitted to the customer platform via the network, allowing customers to utilize the information for display purposes. Users have the option to employ their own AI recognition service or leverage our provided recognition service to retrieve arrangement details of the Merchandiser in the captured photos.


Elevated Device Oversight with Intelligent IoT Controllers

With the intelligent IoT controllers, users can access real-time device information on the platform, including location data, LED status, door openings, foot traffic, etc. Notifications promptly alert operators to location deviations, abnormal temperatures, or operational irregularities, enabling swift responses.

Effortless Remote Control Management for Operational Ease

The solution enables seamless remote control and upgrading of merchandisers, with location managers using a mobile app for temperature management. This flexibility allows for overseeing merchandiser operations from any location, effectively reducing operational stress.

Optimized SKU Shelf Analysis for Streamlined Inspections

Leveraging computer vision recognition technology, images are transformed in the forms of SKU shelf counts, shelf occupancy rates, out-of-stock rates, etc., which makes inspection more efficient.


More Applications

InHand’s smart temperature controller helps operators remotely control the merchandiser, better manage their business.

AI-enabled Cloud + Edge Smart Merchandiser Solution

InHand’s cloud + edge solution for smart merchandisers helps operators better manage their business, increase sales, improve efficiency, and boost profits.

The InHand AI Smart Vending Machine enables quick deployment, streamlined operation and easy remote management from the cloud.