IoT Hardware Solution for Smart Merchandiser

The IoT solution for smart merchandiser, based on custom hardware requirements from customers, allows for the monitoring of the display cabinet’s physical condition and remote control capabilities, transforming traditional display cabinets into intelligent and digital solutions.
 / IoT Hardware Solution for Smart Merchandiser


Many leading brand retailers have been committed to improving management efficiency through innovative technology. They aim to connect their equipment to the internet for more effective company asset management.

Customer Requirements​


The customer seeks customized hardware solutions. They require an intelligent temperature controller that supports various freezer models and offers a rich and user-friendly interface, primarily for asset management purposes.


Serving as the central “brain” of the merchandiser, our intelligent controller adeptly collects and transmits temperature data to the customer platform. This empowers users to fine-tune temperature settings within the merchandiser, optimizing merchandiser operation.


Intelligent Device Management, Clear Asset Status

By installing intelligent IoT controllers, users can have real-time access to device location, LED strip status, door open/close counts, foot traffic data, and more through the display cabinet platform. When there are deviations in device location, temperature anomalies, or operational issues, operators can receive platform notifications and respond promptly.

Remote Control and Management Relieve Workload

Users can remotely control and upgrade display cabinets, and location managers can use a mobile app to manage and control temperature, allowing them to oversee display cabinet operations from anywhere, thus alleviating work pressure.


More Applications

InHand provides customers with stable and reliable AI kit for merchandisers, helping customers build and implement their own solutions.

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