Product Security Advisories

At InHand Networks, it is always our top priority to keep tracking, identifying and proactively addressing ever-evolving cybersecurity threats. We are committed to continued technological innovation and product development to ensure the security of management systems, IT infrastructure and connected devices.

We must all play a role to address threats. Our dedicated cybersecurity team working with our local branch professionals is available to address customer concerns or immediate threats to system security. We also appreciate the contribution made by our users, customers and professional third-party agencies in helping improve the security of our products and systems.

Product Security Advisories

Title/Security Advisory IDAffected ProductOverview
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Initial Publication DateLast Updated

IR615-SVulnerability impacting IR615-S version 2.3.0.r5542 and priorInRouter6XX-S-V2.3.0.r5550.binMarch 14, 2023March 14, 2023

IR615-SVulnerability impacting IR615-S versions prior to 2.3.0.r5542InRouter6XX-S-V2.3.0.r5542.binJanuary 13, 2023January 13, 2023

IR302Vulnerability impacting IR302 versions prior to 3.5.56InRouter3XX-V3.5.57.binJanuary 13, 2023January 13, 2023

IR302Vulnerability impacting IR302 versions prior to 3.5.45InRouter3XX-V3.5.56October 25, 2022October 25, 2022

IR302Vulnerability impacting IR302 versions prior to 3.5.37InRouter3XX-V3.5.45.binMay 10, 2022May 10, 2022

IR615-SVulnerability impacting IR615-S versions prior to 2.3.0.r5484InRouter6XX-S-V2.3.0.r5484.binNovember 2, 2021November 2, 2021

Report a Vulnerability

If you have information about a security issue or vulnerability with an InHand Networks branded product or technology, please send an e-mail to [email protected]. Encrypt sensitive information using our PGP public key.

Please provide as much information as possible, including:

· The products and versions affected

· Detailed description of the vulnerability

· Information on known exploits

A member of the InHand Networks Product Security Team will review your e-mail and contact you to collaborate on resolving the issue.

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