Smart Vending System

Smart vending machines are like the smartphones of the vending world and the Amazon of convenience stores. They gather real-time sales and inventory data, enabling operators to embrace data-driven decision-making. With touchscreen selection and a variety of payment options, they boost consumer enthusiasm for making purchases.

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InVending Cloud provides complete operational support

InVending Cloud is a versatile platform that can enhance management efficiency, reduce operating costs, and increase sales revenue.

  • Timely understanding of machine operation status
  • Support for multiple payment methods
  • Support for richer marketing features

Stable and reliable hardware products

Over a decade ago, when the first smart vending machine was born, our smart Android industrial computer was already running inside it.

  • The equipment runs stably
  • Touch screen selection
  • Support multiple network access

Highly scalable and compatible, ideal for complex operations

Our system has good scalability, easily interfacing with other systems according to demand; The system also supports the unified management of multiple types of self-service equipment, including vending machines, coffee machines and other machines.

  • Rich software interfaces support secondary development
  • Unified management of all your machines



InHand provides a comprehensive cloud with edge solution for vending machine sector, delivering a more user-friendly human-machine interaction and expanded payment options to traditional vending machines.

InHand provides customers with stable and reliable ARM industrial control series products, assisting them in integrating on-site equipment, processing local data, securely and stably uploading to platforms, and helping customers build and implement their own solutions.