The concentrator is the bridge between sensor and master station of the system. It enables wide-area time synchronization and precise measurement using short-range wireless, cellular network hybrid networking, satellite timing technologies and the monitoring data obtained by sensor is transmitted to the master station through encrypted communication technology.

 / Power Distribution Overhead Line Monitoring Concentrator

Precisely trigger and synthesize fault wave recordings

  • The concentrator reduces the three-phase synchronization error to less than 10us by taking advantage of InHand innovated wireless time synchronization acquisition technology.
  • The concentrator acquits three-phase fundamental vector and synthesize fundamental wave zero sequence current.
  • The concentrator Supports a variety of wave recording trigger modes, such as zero sequence current over threshold, current mutation, voltage mutation, harmonic change, etc.
  • The concentrator is qualified with satellite timing function, with less than 1μs timing error.

Supports solar power supply and line power supply

  • The pole-mounted concentrator supports high-power solar cell energy, high-capacity battery as backup power supply, adapting to weak light and rainy weather environment.
  • The line-mounted concentrator supports power harvesting from line, combined with the maximum power tracking algorithm, suitable for small current feeders.
  • Low power consumption design, full function operation power consumption less than 0.2W.
  • Self-sustained external AC/DC power supply.

Diversified access and application modes

  • The concentrator supports 2G/3G/4G cellular networks and communicate with IED device via external serial port.
  • The concentrator supports information exchange with master station through the IEC101, IEC104, and DNP3.0 protocols.
  • The concentrator supports simultaneous access to two master stations.
  • The concentrator supports access to InHand micro weather station to collect meteorological information such as ambient temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, and wind direction, etc.

Reliable connection and secured data

  • The concentrator provides channel monitoring, diagnosis, and link recovery functions to ensure reliable network connections.
  • The concentrator supports Data saving after power failure and re-transmitting after link interruption recovery to avoid data loss.
  • The concentrator supports connection to master station through IPsec to ensure secure power grid data transmission.
  • The concentrator supports remote configuration and upgrade.