AI Analytic Platform

The IWOS AI analytic platform is a distribution line status monitoring application software with advanced concepts, which can access sensing equipment such as electrical status monitoring, operating environment monitoring and climate environment monitoring to realize the digitization of distribution lines. Based on data mining and AI technology, it realizes the functions of working condition monitoring, fault section location, complex fault analysis, hidden risk warning, and line health status assessment.

 / Intelligent Big Data Analytic Platform

AI-enabled grounding fault location and hidden risk warning model

  • By using the analytic model trained by more than 1 billion field recorded wave data, the comprehensive grounding fault analysis accuracy greater than 95% is achieved.
  • The AI platform supports judgment of simultaneous grounding at different points and multiple phases, and evolving complex faults.
  • The AI platform supports grounding faults identification in multiple neutral grounding systems including isolated, low-resistance grounded and solid grounded and arc suppression coil grounded system.
  • The AI platform can identify and alert early failure of distribution equipment such as insulators, transformers, arresters, and external threats such as tree barriers and bird nest wiring.

Real-time monitoring of line status and user-friendly display

  • The AI platform displays the location of sensors, distribution of lines, fault segments and load currents based on GIS maps.
  • The AI platform records the line operation conditions such as power outage, short circuit fault, grounding fault, line break, and heavy load switching, and shows the wave recording at the moments when events take place.
  • The AI platform provides real-time data and historical data display of load current, weather data along the feeder, sensor working status and other measurement information.
  • The AI platform can Identify and display fault-prone lines, risk lines, and heavy load lines.
  • The AI platform supports Web and mobile App displaying line status.

Rich O&M assistance functions

  • The AI platform generates line risk alarms to guide line patrol engineers to perform purposeful routine inspection.
  • (Coming soon) The AI platform can automatically output the analysis reports of each fault, and the daily, weekly and monthly reports of line operating status.
  • The AI platform supports centralized remote configuration and upgrade of line sensors.
  • The AI platform supports Diagnosing the health status of line sensors, monitoring data flow and actively provide sensor maintenance advice.

Flexible deployment

  • The AI platform supports public cloud services and private deployment, and the algorithm services can be deployed independently.
  • The AI platform opens Restful API for integration with third-party SCADA and DMS.
  • The AI platform adopts micro-service architecture, all sub-services support docker deployment with easy implementation.