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Our mission is to use innovative IoT technology to drive the digital process of enterprises

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Enterprise Network

Networking Solution for Business Branches
5G Enhances Digital Connectivity for Retail
Wireless Coverage Solution for Chain Stores
SD-WAN Hybrid Networking Solution
Wireless Network Solution for Chain Restaurants
Uninterrupted 5G Network Services for Enterprise Branches
Wireless Connectivity for Business Travel
Connectivity Solution for Disaster Recovery of Branch Offices
Wireless Connectivity Solution for Outdoor Live Streaming
Wireless Connectivity for Mobile Retailers
Digital Signage
Wiress ATM Connectivity
Wireless POS Connectivity
5G Connectivity for Petrol Pumps That Serve FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Digitalization of Industry

Remote Monitoring Solution for Digital Factory
Smart Remote Monitoring Solution for Robots
Beverage Production Line
Remote Monitoring of Air Compressors
Remote Monitoring Solutionfor Injection Molding Machines
Concrete Mixing Equipment Monitoring
Remote Maintenance of Medical Equipment
Remote Monitoring of Bearings
Hydraulic Press
CNC Machines Remote Monitoring
Remote Maintenance of Elevators
Secondary Water Supply
Smart Metering
Urban Heat Supply System
Intelligent Lighting
Wastewater Treatment
Early Warning System for Floods
Remote Monitoring of ETC Equipment

Digital Energy

Intelligent Low-Voltage Power Distribution
Smart EV Charging Kiosk
IoT Solution for Photovoltaic Cleaning Robots

Smart Commerce

Deployment of AI Smart Vending Machines
Smart Vending Comprehensive Solution
Smart Vending Machine Hardware Solution
AI-based Smart Merchandiser System
AIoT Hardware Solution for Smart Merchandiser
(没换图)IoT Hardware Solution for Smart Merchandiser (Temperature Controller)


Urban Bus System
Digital Solution for European Public Transport
Connectivity of Rail Transport
Telematics of Crushers
Heavy Equipment Monitoring
Smart Apron Telematics
Cold Chain Telematics
5G Connectivity for Autonomous Vehicles
Connectivity of Fire Trucks
Connected Medical Vehicles