Industrial Robots Monitoring Solution
Industrial Robots Monitoring Solution

Industrial Robot Remote Monitoring Solution

Connecting industrial robots to our 5G industrial router (IR624) enables data transmission for analysis and maintenance planning. The IR624 supports high-speed 5G networks, stable network connectivity, and cloud management that is suitable for industrial IoT deployment.

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As the usage of industrial automation technology and the application of industrial robots increase, the manufacturing industry has continuously raised its requirements for production line stability and efficiency. However, traditional on-site monitoring methods face limitations such as geographical constraints, difficulties in real-time monitoring, and limited diagnostic capabilities. There is an urgent need for a more flexible and efficient monitoring approach.

Industrial Robots Monitoring Solution


Real-time Monitoring and Data Collection

The factory hopes to monitor the operation status of industrial robots in real-time through a remote monitoring solution, including work efficiency, production speed, fault conditions, and be able to collect key production data.

Fault Warning and Remote Diagnosis

The factory requires the solution to provide fault warning functionality, promptly detect and alert potential fault conditions, and support remote diagnosis to help engineers quickly locate and resolve issues.

System Stability and Reliability

The factory needs to ensure that the remote monitoring solution has a solidified system that includes stability and reliability which can operate stably for long periods of time and ensure the longevity of the production line.


Industrial robots are mainly composed of the robot arm, drive system, control system, and the human-machine interaction system. The controller, PLC, and human-machine interaction system can be connected to the 5G industrial router IR624 via Ethernet or serial port. The IR624 then transmits real-time data on the robot’s working status to the remote robot data center through a high-speed 5G network. The data center conducts real-time analysis to analyze the overall status information, production capacity, fault alarms of industrial robots, facilitating planned maintenance and repair plans. When remote maintenance is required, remote devices can be operated through the InHand DeviceLive platform.



The IR624 supports high-speed, low-latency 5G cellular networks which enables real-time transmission of industrial robot status data.

Reiche industrielle Schnittstellen

The IR624 features not only four Gigabit Ethernet Ports but also includes RS232 and RS485 interfaces, supporting the connection of industrial robots with different interfaces.

“Always Online”

The IR624 supports functions such as link detection, link backup, and dual SIM card switching, effectively ensuring stable network connections. Additionally, the built-in watchdog enables fault self-recovery.

Einfaches Cloud-Management

The IR624 supports the DeviceLive equipment management platform, enabling centralized management of thousands of distributed devices. It can establish secure connection channels with remote devices, facilitating remote operation and maintenance.       

Industriedesign, exquisite Qualität

Adhering to consistent industrial design principles, the IR624 is resilient to harsh environmental conditions and is suitable for various IoT deployment scenarios.


Mehr Applikationen

The IR624 industrial router enables real-time data transmission through 5G which supports multiple devices, high-definition video, and stable networks. Utilizing the IR624 capabilities enables robust security and simple cloud management, enhancing healthcare and reducing wait times.

The IR624 industrial router meets supports 5G, diverse industrial interfaces, robust security with dual SIM switching. It also includes real-time data and remote management via the DeviceLive platform.

Immer mehr Maschinen und Geräte vor Ort, die mit dem Internet verbunden sind, stellen eine große Herausforderung für die Datenerfassung und -verarbeitung dar. Ausgestattet mit leistungsstarken Edge-Computing-Funktionen, entlastet das InGateway902 hervorragend den Druck von massiven Daten und steigert die Produktivität.