Video Overview: Modified COTS

Today we have a video overview of InHand’s modified COTS products and services. What are modified COTS? What are the advantages? And some examples of our own board and tablets modified products and services. Have a video suggestion? Email it to    

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Modified COTS Device Design, Reducing Risk & Optimizing Cost

Current market trends pressure industrial and defense companies to innovate product features while simultaneously reducing cost, schedule, and risk. As a result, a market for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) computer modules has developed. These modules, often called computers-on-module (COMs) or systems-on-modules (SOMs), deliver COTS computing functions and save development time and cost for computing platforms. However, […]

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Case Study: Electronic Warfare and the Wolfhound Cooperative Radio Direction Finding System

InHand case studies exemplify our breadth and expertise in semi-custom and full custom product engineering design services. Our clients’ projects are ground breaking and important; we can help expedite schedules and with reduced risk in ever-advancing technologies. For more information on our engineering services click here or fill out an info request. “The electromagnetic spectrum […]

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