In addition to standard, off-the-shelf systems, like the Fingertip5 and FireFly, InHand also offers semi-custom and custom systems to clients whose needs cannot be met by InHand’s standard products. InHand is an expert in low-power, small size systems and has worked with customers, on various projects in numerous industries, including military, medical and entertainment. While InHand cannot disclose all semi-custom and custom projects that we have be a part of, there are many project examples available, that exemplify the diversity of industries in which InHand has worked. If you are looking for small size, low-power and ultra-mobility, you have come to the right place!

Custom Engineering Services

Semi-Custom Products Require:

    • Specialized input/output
    • Specific mechanical requirements
    • Specific peripheral requirements
    • Minor to moderate adjustments to standard products

Custom Products Require:

      • Very specialized input/output
      • Specialized/challenging form factor(s)
      • Reduced cost in high volume applications
      • Easier assembly (reduced system complexity)


InHand offers semi-custom products for customers with some unique requirements, not compatible with InHand’s standard boards. Typically a semi-custom board makes sense for customers with volumes between requiring 1,000 to 5,000 or more units.

Semi-customer projects may include custom daughter cards, or reconfigurations of InHand’s standard products, such as the Fingertip™ line and FireFly™. InHand can adjust to meet customer requirments, removing peripherals, placing connectors on board, or adding minor peripherals needed for specialized applications. The hardware and software can then be tuned to extend battery life.

Reconfigurations start with the existing InHand system. Utilizing InHand’s Fingertip™ or FireFly™ boards as a base, InHand can adjust to meet customer specification in a number of ways, including: Re-spinning the board to meet mechanical requirements, removing peripherals, as desired, placing connectors on board, as desired, and adding minor peripherals needed for specialized application software, includes BatterySmart®

Customer’s engineers can begin development immediately, using standard Fingertip products, such as the Fingertip line or FireFly™.

Whatever level of engineering support you require, InHand is ready to help you get your low-power, small form factor design to market fast!


InHand offers custom product creation for customers who require specialized functionality, such as advanced signal processing, accelerated video, specialized rugged enclosures, improved cost reductions for larger quantities, or any other unique challenge. Custom product creations are offered to customers who are requiring 1,000 to 10,000 or more units with requirements that cannot be met by standard or semi-custom products.

For custom products, InHand’s Fingertip™ products and FireFly™ are used as a starting point for full customer system. From there we work closely with our customers to ensure that they are receiving a product that meets or exceeds expectations and requirements. Generally, custom projects include major modifications to standard products such as: graphic/multi-media co-processor, unique I/O set, challenging for factor, etc. As part of the custom products package, InHand also offers mechanical design services and full-box build and integration.