InHand specializes in the design and production of custom electronic circuits and devices. The typical custom design has unique product features or operational requirements for use in industrial, medical, IoT, or military applications. Custom electronic designs typically utilize an InHand single board computer (SBC) as a baseline design, and modified for the specific application and use case via a process called Modified COTS. By utilizing Modified COTS, InHand can deliver a custom electronic design with lower cost and risk, and quicker time-to-market.
InHand’s design process takes a system engineering approach. An intensive technical kickoff meeting investigates product use cases, environments, and high level specifications, which are distilled into a set of implementable product requirements. Price/performance trade-offs are made where necessary. Once the product requirements are settled, the product implementation process commences. Through the wide variety of custom designs delivered, InHand has successfully fulfilled a vast array of difficult design specifications. More extreme examples include:

  • Operation in an unpressurized bay of a military fighter aircraft at high altitude, located directly behind a high powered gun
  • Intrinsically safe circuitry (meeting UL and ATEX requirements), operating in explosive atmospheres
  • Remote control in high-EMI military environments including high powered radar systems
  • Man-worn and handheld devices that withstand battlefield conditions, including wide temperature swings, drops, impact, vibration, dust, salt, water submersion, gunshots, and more.
  • Custom tablet utilized on factory floors and outdoors in field operations in all kinds of weather
  • Multi-antenna devices that include cellular, Wi-Fi, ZigBee/802.15.4, Bluetooth, GPS, and military bands.

InHand designed products have been certified for FCC Part 15 (US), IC (Canada), CE (European Union), and CCC (China) regulations; a variety of challenging MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461F specifications; FIPS Level 2 security; PTCRB and GFC cellular; ATEX and UL explosive atmosphere; and more. Browse the InHand InSights blog and our case studies for a sampling of our technical and product successes.

Contact InHand for an assessment of your requirements and ROM quote for a custom electronic design.