Fingertip5: The Next Generation Marvell PXA Mobile Device Platforms

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At the size of a credit card, the Fingertip line of products are the highest performance, lowest power consuming, complete solutions for handheld device development available today.Designed as a drop-in upgrade, the Fingertip5 maintains mechanical and electrical backwards compatibility with the Fingertip4, while preserving the majority of peripheral I/O. Marvell XScale PXA320 Embedded System Fingertip5, created for OEM developers of portable and wireless devices in need of full-featured solutions and advanced power management, is based on Marvell’s PXA320 processor.The Fingertip5’s increased performance delivers over 800 MHz of processing power while maintaining low battery consumption, under one watt. The Fingertip5 also adds DDR memory, NAND Flash and higher resolution graphics. Like the Fingertip4, DC input from 4-15V, primary LiIon battery charging and capacity management, and backup battery/supercap input, are all integrated on the Fingertip5.

InHand’s BatterySmart® dynamic power management software technology is tightly integrated with the Fingertip5 hardware, allowing developers to control both low- and high-level issues related to performance and power consumption. Fingertip5 withBatterySmart system software allows developers to create extremely small, robust, low-power handheld and wireless devices, including PDAs, SmartPhones, smart sensors, power over Ethernet devices, tablets, and wearable computers.

The Fingertip5 Development Platform starter kit provides the entry point for Fingertip5-based designs and comes with the hardware, software, and technical support that developers need to get their designs off the ground. The Development Platform includes support for multiple displays, GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, and a variety of other peripherals. InHand’s product support tools provide all the components needed to take a product from concept to production including Development Platforms, 3D models and drawings, SDKs, BSPs, prototype packaging, and expert design consulting services.

InHand offers an off-the-shelf daughter card for the Fingertip5, called Fingerboard, for easy expandability. Click here for more on Fingerboard.

CPUMarvell XScale PXA320 processor, up to 806MHz
Flash Memory64-256 MB NAND Flash; 64MB standard
DDR64 – 256 MB, with low-power self-refresh; 128MB standard
Plug-In Peripherals1 Compact Flash slot, 1 SDIO slot
Off-Board Interfaces200 pin daughter card interface, including complete system bus, multiple peripheral and I/O interfaces, and power
Serial Ports3 UARTS, configurable via daughter card for CMOS or RS-232
USB1 host v1.1, 1 client v1.1 port
Wireless PeripheralsWiFi, Bluetooth, GPS (supported on daughter card)
Wired PeripheralsEthernet, multiple SPI/SSP, I2C, GPIOs (supported on daughter card)
I/O pins20 general-purpose I/O pins, interrupt capable (multi-function)
Audio20-bit stereo codec with direct connection to microphone and stereo headphone, AC97-compliant
Display SupportUp to SVGA (800×600) full-color, including touchscreen and backlight
RTCOn-board real-time clock (backup battery on daughter card)
Battery SupportLiIon (with recharge and capacity measurement) or any battery that conforms to power requirements; separate backup battery input
Value Added SoftwareBatterySmart®
Operating System(s)*Windows® CE and Linux
Dimensions61mm by 86mm
Power ConsumptionUnder one watt
DC Line Input4-15V

*Some of our customers use other operating systems. Contact us for more information.

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