InHand’s Fury, Siren, FireFly, Fingertip4, and Fingertip5 provide the core of handheld and wireless devices. Petite in size, nominal in power consumption and superior in performance, InHand platforms FireFly SBC: Intel Atom Embedded Systemincorporate all of the optimized hardware and system software, including BatterySmart®, InHand’s patented power management system. InHand develops devices for military, security, robotics, transportation, entertainment and many other applications.

Rich in peripheral support, InHand’s platforms allow developers to expand their devices with optional Bluetooth or GPS, and customize further by integrating color displays and wireless connectivity. InHand also offers various engineering services to aid in product development and our 3D and IGES drawings are available to facilitate packaging. InHand’s platforms are available in volume production and InHand’s Intellectual Property may also be licensed.

InHand’s development platforms are designed to ease initial design decisions by providing an off-the-shelf platform for immediate development and exploration. These sophisticated products include feature-packed board support packages and software development kits to get your development efforts moving quickly.

InHand products are designed specifically for OEM developers of portable, wireless devices – where size, performance, and power consumption are key. InHand products offer full-featured solutions with advanced power management, based on today’s leading technologies.

Fury, based on the Texas Instruments DaVinci DM3730 processor, and Siren, based on the Texas Instruments Sitara AM3703 processor, offer top-of-the-line performance as InHand’s smallest standard products to date. Both systems offer a wide range of on-board peripherals including: micro USB, RS-232 serial port, 3 USB 2.0Host, LiIon battery charger, 256MB DDR, 512MB NAND Flash, RTC, Watchdog, Universal Display Port, microSD slot/SDIO, and the option for GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi. Fury also offers dual-core capabilities, and for 3-D multimedia acceleration, includes a PowerVR SGX graphics accelerator and TI DSP for video and audio CODEC acceleration. Fury and Siren also include daughter card connectors for easy system expansion with InHand’s off-the-shelf daughter card, Muse, for custom developed application specific daughter cards.

InHand Fingertip4, Marvell PXA270 based embedded systemFireFly is based on the new Intel® Atom™ processor chipset. At a fraction of size of a typical PC motherboard, the FireFly is one of the most energy efficient, highest performing, complete solutions for ultra-mobile OEM developers. Built around a 1.6GHz IntelAtom processor and System Controller Hub, this system can be used by itself or with an expansion board. As a stand-alone, the FireFly offers: USB 2.0 Host, USB 2.0 Client, video output, serial port, touchscreen controller, microSD slots and an ExpressCard slot. Also included on this system are: battery charging and wide voltage power input, a daughter card connector with industry standard interfaces and a FIPS140.2 certified trusted platform module for highly secure applications.

The Fingertip5 platform is built using Marvell’s PXA320 processor. Designed as a drop-in upgrade from the Fingertip4, the Fingertip5 maintains mechanical and electrical backwards compatibility with the Fingertip4, while preserving the majority of peripheral I/O. The Fingertip5 delivers over 800MHz of processing power while maintaining low battery consumption, under one watt. Additionally, the Fingertip5 adds DDR memory, NAND Flash and higher resolution graphics than the Fingertip4, while maintaining integrated DC input from 4-15V, primary LiIon battery charging and capability management, and backup battery/supercap input.

Fingertip4, built on Marvell’s PXA270 processor, is about the size of a credit card and may be used for virtually any handheld application. Offering over 500MHz of processing power, while consuming less than 0.5W, the Fingertip4 comes equip with support for DC input from 4-15V, primary LiIon battery charging and capacity management, and backup battery/supercap input. The Fingertip4 BSP also comes with full driver support for all on-board peripherals and includes flexible API’s for direct hardware control.

InHand provides a clean path to demonstrating products with mechanical engineering services that help customers design a fully packaged prototyping platform. Unlike standard development platforms, which are designed for ready access, InHand will create a rugged enclosed package with LCD, touchscreen, batteries, and sealed connectors. InHand’s mechanical engineering services are intended to take an OEM one step further – allowing rapid prototype fielding of product and a faster time-to-market.