World’s Smallest Mass Spectrometer-Based Helium Leak Detector Has Performance that Rivals Much Larger Devices
Monday, April 22, 2002, Rockville, MD. MKS Instruments’ (NASDAQ: MKSI), a global leader in the development of instruments for vacuum and gas-based processes, has introduced PICOTM, the world’s smallest mass spectrometer-based helium leak detector. The revolutionary PICOTM incorporates patent-pending leak detection techniques and leverages the ultra-small Elf handheld device platform and BatterySmart system software from InHand Electronics.

“We have been able to reduce the size of the sensor dramatically in our leak detector,” said Wayne Cole, Product Manager at MKS. “By merging our mass spectrometer with InHand’s Elf platform and BatterySmart software, our instrument is much smaller and lighter than existing instruments on the market today. InHand’s expertise in handheld hardware and software has proven quite significant in helping us achieve our size and performance goals.”

MKS’ PICOTM measures helium escaping from pressurized lines and is used as a diagnostic tool to locate leaks. PICOTM is initially targeted at the semiconductor, refrigeration, automotive and power industries. Its small size and graphical interface emphasize mobility of measurements and ease of use. Incorporating Intel’s StrongARM microprocessor and Microsoft’s Windows CE operating system, the instrument also has improved performance, generating measurements several times faster than early development prototypes.

“We are quite excited to be a part of this remarkable handheld device,” said Andrew Girson, President and CEO of InHand Electronics. “It demonstrates the kind of sophisticated applications for which our ultra-portable handheld platforms are ideally suited.”

PICOTM is available now from MKS Instruments. Information, including pricing and feature sets, can be obtained by contacting MKS.

About InHand Electronics:
InHand Electronics, Inc. is an ultra-portable handheld platform provider to Original Equipment Manufacturers. The company provides commercial off-the-shelf developers kits that are industrial-strength and power-efficient, for uses in the military, medical technology and telecommunications industries among others. The platforms accommodate standard wireless, data storage and data acquisition plug-ins. Fingertip, Elf, BatterySmart, and OmniMeter are built on the industry’s leading technologies including Intel’s StrongARM and XScale RISC chips and the Windows CE operating system. The companys headquarters are in Rockville, Maryland. For more information please view the company web site at

About MKS Instruments:
MKS Instruments is the worlds broadest provider of process infrastructure products and technologies that increase productivity in gas- and vacuum-based manufacturing. The products realized from the manufacturing processes controlled by MKS’ products range from sophisticated semiconductor, data storage and medical devices to optical coatings. MKS supports its OEM and end-user customers around the world with extensive process applications expertise, world-class manufacturing and technical support. For more information please view the company web site at

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