Consumer Electric Show


Las Vegas, NV (January 8, 2013) – InHand Electronics today introduced the latest version of their fully-rugged tablet, the Hydra-T3. The company demonstrated the durability of their flagship tablet by throwing it into the walkway, submersing it in a fish tank full of water and dropping a once inch steel ball on it from four feet. The demos are taking place at InHand’s booth, #70127, in the Venetian Ballroom through the end of the show on Friday, January 11th.


The engineering company is an established original design manufacturer of rugged handheld and mobile devices. They recently entered the tablet market with their Hydra-T3, touting it’s nearly indestructible shell and rugged design features. The durable MIL-SPEC tablet is based on InHand’s Fury single board computer, based on a Cortex-A8 processor and featuring a Pixel Qi display. It is one of few tablets with the revolutionary display, which combines the usability of an indoor screen with the e-ink style functionality when viewed in bright lights. Unlike other sunlight-readable tablets, the Pixel Qi display saves on power by turning down the backlight to view in bright conditions, allowing the Hydra-T3 to get up to 10 hours of battery life on what charge.


“We’re proud of the product we’ve created and it really stands out against the other tablets and technologies that are out there and in the show,” stated Dan Rowland, CTO of InHand Electronics. “It’s hard to describe to people just how rugged the Hydra-T3 is while maintaining the same functionality of other tablets, so that we get to throw it around, dunk it in water and let people handle it themselves it great. Plus, the looks on attendees reactions when we toss it in the aisle is fun to watch. Falling electronics at the show is usually a bad thing, but it helps us stand out and really get the message out that our product really is nearly indestructible.”

InHand Electronics, Inc. is an original design manufacturer of single board computers and rugged handhelds for original equipment manufacturers. InHand’s products are used in a variety of markets including: military, healthcare, industrial, entertainment, and instrumentation. Designs include: UMPCs, PDAs, wearable computers, tablets, handheld control systems, industrial computers and smart sensors. InHand’s products are built on industry-leading technologies such as: Freescale, Intel, Texas Instruments, and Marvell processors and Android, Linux, Ubuntu, and Microsoft operating systems. InHand is an ITAR registered company whose products are designed and assembled in the USA. The company’s headquarters are located along the I-270 Technology Corridor in Rockville, Maryland.


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