InHand Electronics and Conversay Speech have teamed up to offer speech recognition software on InHand’s devices.
San Francisco, CA, April 10, 2001 -InHand Electronics, Inc., a leader in creating ultra-portable handheld device platforms for OEMs, and Conversay, a leader in speech technology for mobile and traditional Internet access devices, today announced at the Embedded Systems Conference, a strategic partnership to offer speech recognition on InHand’s devices.

Both company’s customers have expressed an interest in the availability of this type of device. Significant applications for this technology exist in the military, instrumentation and telematics industries.

Beginning in the third quarter of 2001, InHand’s Fingertip and Elf development platforms will be shipped with Conversay’s voice recognition technology embedded within them. Through this preferred provider relationship with Conversay, developing voice-enabled, handheld devices becomes a fail-safe business solution, significantly reducing the developer’s risk, saving development time and ultimately getting products to market faster.

“This really hits a hot spot for our customers,” said Andrew Girson, CEO of InHand Electronics, Inc. “This partnership decreases their development risks. Our customers will be able to get to market faster, giving InHand a competitive advantage in the industry.”

Conversay’s CEO Matt Scheuing said, “We are glad to join forces with InHand on this development. They’ve got a solid platform that allows us to broaden our offering to customers, providing a complete hardware/software speech technology solution that reduces development time and costs. Together we’ll both be very nimble and responsive to our customers’ requirements.”

About InHand Electronics, Inc.
InHand Electronics, Inc. (formerly DVP, Inc.) is an ultra-portable handheld platform provider to Original Equipment Manufacturers. The company provides commercial off-the-shelf developer’s kits that are industrial-strength and power-efficient, for uses in the military, medical technology and telecommunications industries among others. The platforms accommodate standard wireless, data storage and acquisition plugins. Fingertip, Elf and OmniMeter are built on the industry’s leading technologies including Intel’s StrongARM RISC chip and Windows CE operating system. The company’s headquarters are in Rockville, Maryland. For more information please view the company web site at

About Conversay
Founded in 1994, Conversay provides solutions that enable voice interaction with networked information, including the Internet, when other interfaces are difficult or impossible. Built on an innovative speech engine, Conversay technology is speaker-independent, modular, scalable and accommodates unlimited vocabulary, making it ideally suited for embedded applications. It also drives award-winning products including a voice browser, desktop and web developer tools, and a conversational server. Conversay headquarters are in Redmond, Wash., and is located on the web at

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