Vehicle Networking

With powerful data processing capability and stable data transmission capacity, InHand vehicle gateways provide high-speed and secure networks, meeting the needs of public transportation, police vehicles, first responders, engineering vehicles, medical vehicles, logistics, etc. The gateways are also available with high-precision GNSS positioning and can easily connect to major IoT clouds for fleet management, asset tracking and preventive maintenance, helping fleet operators save costs and improve efficiency.

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5G Vehicle Gateways

The VG series is a 5G/4G cellular vehicle gateway specially for the Internet of Vehicles. It provides high-speed and secure connectivity for a wide range of scenarios in the mobility industry, such as public transport, heavy equipment, logistics, municipal and public safety. With extensive interfaces, cloud integration and developer features, it enables connectivity to various on-board devices and remote monitoring of vehicle status, improving operation and management efficiency.

Vehicle Telematics Gateways

The VT is a series of rugged and functionally capable vehicle telematics gateway. Integrating extensive interfaces, multiple diagnostic protocols and major IoT clouds, it delivers reliable vehicle data in some of the most challenging environments that involve severe cold or scorching heat, and/or water immersion, while remaining budget friendly.