InHand is constantly staying abreast of new technological developments, such as inductive charging, innovative human input devices, battery technology, low-power displays and other technologies that advance and improve handheld battery/battery life and performance of handhelds. InHand’s expertise in low-power, wireless devices offers ultra mobility to OEM developers of hand held electronics. InHand’s development and engineering expertise is displayed through our Technical Showcase.

BatterySmartInHand’s patented BatterySmart┬« technology extends the life of portable devices, as InHand’s power experts work with system hardware and software to find the perfect balance between performance and battery life.

mil-spec tabletCase Studies and White Papers provide project samples of some of the products InHand has created. Demonstrating our ability to work with small size, low-power wireless, portable electronic devices, InHand case studies and white papers document this work in the various industries with which we work, such as military, healthcare, infotainment, and instrumentation. (Non-disclosure agreement limit products and projects public documentation.) Please view our case studies and white papers, as well as our press releases, to understand our vast portfolio and be confident in InHand’s experts, abilities and familiarity with a project like yours – even if you do not see it in our Showcase.

InHand works with Partners to create mutually beneficial relationships that also benefit InHand clients. Partners include Microsoft Embedded and Intel Embedded and Communications Alliance.