InHand’s Microsoft Windows Embedded Partnership is built on:


  • Industry leading low-power performance with BatterySmart® for Windows Embedded
  • Driver level development for sophisticated hardware:
    • Multi-media: H.264 CODEC, Multi-display, NTSC/PAL
    • Signal Processing: High Speed ADCs, High Speed DACs, DSPs
    • Wireless: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, 900MHz
    • Power Management: Battery charging, fuel gage, multiple batteries
  • Developed Windows Mobile 6.0 platform in 4 months
    • NSTL Windows Mobile certification achieved on first attempt

    Windows Embedded Excellence Winner Award

  • Experts in software engineering and quality assurance for military and medical devices running Windows Embedded
  • Microsoft Certified Software Engineers (MCTS Windows Embedded CE 6.0)
  • InHand was named 2010 Microsoft Windows Embedded Excellence Winner in Innovation


  • Windows Embedded Compact 6.0 supported on x86 systems (FireFly and custom)
  • Windows Embedded CE supported on ARM systems (Fury, Siren, Fingertip4, Fingertip5 and custom)
  • Windows Mobile supported on ARM systems


  • 10 years of Windows CE support (v2.0 to v6.0)
  • 5 years attendance/support for Microsoft Embedded Developers Forum (MEDC), 2002-07
  • Continued support at Microsoft’s Tech·Ed Developers Forum, 2008-present
  • Participate in WEPP Summit meetings to bring latest Microsoft OS developments to InHand customers first and drive improvements in future operating systems

rugged pc tablet

All InHand products are available with Windows Embedded Board Support Packages(BSPs) and Software Development Kits (SDK). InHand’s Windows experts offer extended support with all Windows Embedded based systems and help customers utilize all aspects of Windows Embedded features to the fullest.
Formore information on InHand products or support services, click here, call800.983.8441 or visit InHand’s website. For more information on Windows Embedded and the Windows EmbeddedPartner Program, please visit