Rockville, MD (June 3, 2014) – InHand Electronics, a leader in embedded circuit boards and custom handheld devices for original design manufacturers, is leveraging its i.MX 6 single Custom Freescale i.MX 6 SBCboard computer (SBC) for custom designs. InHand’s commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Fury-F6 system is based on Freescale’s i.MX 6 ARM Cortex-A9 processor, measures just 2.5 inches per side, is designed for reliability over extended temperatures and in rugged environments, and offers a range of peripherals, including USB, Ethernet, serial, camera, display, and wireless interfaces. Android and Linux operating systems are available. Customers requiring an ARM-based embedded processor can work with InHand to create a modified COTS (semi-custom) product solution leveraging the i.MX 6 based system.

The modified COTS (MCOTS) approach utilizes an existing COTS platform, such as the Fury-F6 (or its predecessor, the Texas Instruments DM3730-based Fury SBC), and modifies the schematics, circuit board, and operating system to enable application-specific features and optimize cost. As compared to fully custom designs, modified COTS accelerate schedules from kickoff to production while reducing cost and risk. Businesses that require customized devices enabled for low power, portable, or multi-media applications running on Android or Linux are ideal candidates for a modified COTS approach based on the i.MX 6 microprocessor. InHand’s core competencies in high feature density, value-added power management, and operating system modifications lower risk for customers who would otherwise design in-house. Typical features include: connection to sensors and control circuitry, video management, including camera sources and video displays, touch screen displays, and network connectivity: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, cellular, and personal area networks (PAN).

“The Fury-F6 is the perfect platform for a modified COTS design,” said Rodney Feldman, Director of Systems Engineering at InHand. “Our Freescale i.MX 6 system was designed with the flexibility for efficient customization while meeting high feature density. Its proven design powers our Hydra-F6 rugged tablet, which has performed flawlessly in a variety of harsh environments, including below zero temperatures, submerged in water, and under impact. Both our i.MX 6 SBC and tablet are available for customization for unique applications. An excellent alternative, InHand’s MCOTS solutions provide a faster time-to-prototype or market, lower cost, and decreased risk for OEMs.”

InHand Electronics, Inc. is an original design manufacturer of single board computers and rugged handhelds for original equipment manufacturers. InHand’s products are used in a variety of markets including: military, healthcare, industrial, entertainment, and instrumentation. Products feature industry-leading technologies such as: Freescale, Intel, Texas Instruments, and Marvell processors and Android, Linux, and Microsoft operating systems. InHand offers engineering design services (system, hardware, software, and packaging) along with support services (product manufacturing, program management, manufacturing test development, and supply chain) that together ensure on-time, on-budget, and on-quality product delivery. InHand is an ITAR registered company. InHand products are designed and assembled in the USA. The company’s headquarters are located along the I-270 Technology Corridor in Rockville, Maryland. For more information, visit

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