The tablet industry continues grow, and while Apple still dominates, Android touch tablets are on a path to dominate the tablet market. The reason for this growth may lie in the fact that Android tablets tend to be more inexpensive and flexible than the iPad, as well as coming in a variety of sizes. Consumers can choose from a 7” Android tablets, a 10” Android tablet, or even 5” Android tablets. In addition to size, buyers who have advanced knowledge of software have the option to customize Android tablets, since they are built on an open platform, unlike the iPad built on the propriety iOS.

So which is the best Android touch tablet? That question is still up for debate. Consumers who choose to forego the iPad for a more inexpensive and customizable tablet have a much larger selection to choose from than the iOS based products. For consumers, when it comes down to it: It just depends on personal preference. As for original design manufacturers (ODMs), Android tablets make the most sense because of their open source software and ease of development. However, an Android touch tablet ODM needs to be aware of many of the same varieties as the consumer marketing including size and battery life, in addition to device specifications such as durability and ruggization across a variety of industries. Android tablet ODMs may also choose to make a customizable and brand-able Android tablet in order to appeal to a larger business to business market. With so many options, it’s obvious why Android tablets are set to dominate the market by 2014.

Since 2000, InHand Electronics has been a leading provider of low-power embedded systems and software to OEM developers of handheld and wireless devices. InHand has begun to manufacture its own rugged tablet, the Hydra-T3 which is one of the best rugged tablet PC’s on the market. The compact design is light weight, ultra-low power and optimal for ODMs in the industrial, infotainment, military or medical industry. For more information or to have InHand help with mobile device needs, please call 1-800-983-8441.

Customize Your Android Tablets with InHand

There are times when you can find exactly what you are looking for on store shelves, but there are other times when merchandise must be customized to meet your specific needs. After all, with certain types of equipment, using merchandise that does not address and comply with all of your needs may result in wasted time and energy in the workplace. In the business world, many companies have unique processes and functions that they must perform with specialized equipment. In some cases, the technology that you need may be accessible through off-the-shelf merchandise. However, the ability to customize Android tablet devices and other merchandise may be required by many companies in order to maximize the efficient and beneficial advantages that the equipment can provide. If you need to customize Android tablet devices to meet your specific needs, contact Inhand Electronics, Inc. to explore the options for customization that are available to you.

Inhand Electronics, Inc. is the leading source for all semi-custom and custom equipment for business use. We specialize in providing mobile and wireless devices for a variety of business applications. Our rugged computers and tablets are specially designed for use outdoors and in mobile commercial settings. They are used in military operations, medical facilities, outdoor research environments and other related settings. However, in order to make full use of your equipment, you may need to customize Android tablet devices and other related equipment to meet your needs perfectly. Our expert team of technology experts can discuss your customization needs in detail and can provide you with a quote for your order.

When you work with Inhand Electronics, you will enjoy the ability to customize your devices based on their input and output capabilities, their mechanical requirements, their peripheral requirements and other related areas. Generally, semi-custom and custom design projects are suitable for those business customers with the need to order 1,000 or more units. Such customizations may provide your employees with the improved ability to promote efficiency in their mobile or outdoor work environment.

If you are interested in learning more about semi-custom and custom products for your specific business needs, contact Inhand Electronics today.

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