There is a staggering amount of paper work involved in the medical field. Everyone from the front desk receptionist to head of cardiology is required to complete their due diligence when it comes to health care paperwork. With the evolution of the computer, hospitals and other medical facilities have adapted their paperwork to the digital age. Clipboards and pens have been replaced by laptops and styluses.

Recently, the medical field has been adopting the latest trend: Tablets; more specifically, the medical tablet. Like their computer counterparts, medical tablets must also meet the durability requirements necessary the field of medicine. Medical grade tablets must be able to withstand a variety of liquids and chemicals spills, drops and other harsh conditions while maintaining functionality. Medical tablets are a great way to streamline medical information, eliminate the waste and space of paper charts, and decrease the carry load of EMTs, home health care providers and other medical personal on the move.

With the adaptation of the medical tablet, doctors, nurses and the like can move information instantly with just one hand and the touch of a screen. Everyday consumer tablets don’t meet the requirement necessary to in the health care field, but a medical grade tablet makes it possible. With a medical tablet, health care personal can increase information speed and all but eliminating paper error with instant feed over WiFi networks from one medical personal to another. As it turns out, the digital age isn’t only helping our ease of information, but also our health.

Since 2000, InHand Electronics has been a leading provider of low-power embedded systems and software to ODM developers of handheld and wireless devices. InHand has created one of the most versatile medical tablets on the market, combining over a decade of low-power, durable device experience with the revolutionary sunlight-readable Pixel Qi display to create the Hydra-T3. The compact design is light weight, ultra-low power and optimal for ODMs in industrial, infotainment, military or medical industries. If you have any questions on how InHand can help you, contact InHand at 1-800-983-8441.

Why Choose a Tablet from InHand

Equipping your staff with the most innovative and functional equipment available is imperative when you work in the medical or healthcare services industry. In some job functions, the use of a standard office computer or laptop device will suffice, but many medical facilities require medical grade tablet devices and other types of mobile devices that can be used outside of the office, taken into patients’ rooms and in other situations.

A medical grade tablet is one that is designed to withstand the abuses that equipment may endure in a variety of medical situations. These devices may be exposed to water and other types of liquids. They may experience abuse as things are dropped on them or they are dropped on hard surfaces. In addition, these devices should be highly suitable for mobile purposes. They may, for example, be lightweight yet powerful, or they may be designed to be worn on the body in some fashion.

InHand Electronics is your ideal resource for mobile technology designed for the medical or healthcare services industries. We carry a wide range of medical grade tablet devices and other related equipment that is suitable for most needs, and we can also customize or semi-customize an order to meet your needs. By contacting us today, you can work with our helpful, knowledgeable staff to explore the features and specifications of our line of products. Our staff can help you to select the right equipment for your company’s specific needs or can help you to customize an order for tablets and other devices that perfectly meet your needs for power, wireless capabilities and other features.

Giving your staff the mobile equipment that most fully meets all of their needs and that is designed to hold up to the demands that it may be faced with in a medical work environment is critical to the efficiency of your facility. Not all tablets are suitable for use in this high-demand, high-use environment. At InHand Electronics, we can provide you with the equipment that you need so that your employees can continue to do their jobs in the most efficient way possible.

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