Freescale Semiconductor

Freescale  is a leading provider of embedded processing solutions. As a Freescale Connect partner, InHand participates in Freescale events and emerging technologies. InHand’s Fury-F6, Siren-F6 and Hydra-F6 tablet exploit Freescale’s i.MX 6 processor to enable powerful but power efficient embedded computing platforms for military and industrial use.  Click here for more information on Freescale’s Partner Program.

Windows Embedded Partner

InHand is a proud member of the Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Partner Program (WEP). InHand is a registered Gold Partner in the program that promotes community, reliability, and support within the embedded industry for those who utilize Microsoft’s embedded systems. InHandGold’s  level partnership is indicative of it’s commitment to and quality of work with Microsoft, delivering products with optimal power, speed and usability – based on Windows® systems. Gold partners are recognized as best-of in the embedded industry and most qualified to help customers with their embedded needs. Windows Embedded Partner Program AwardInHand is  a 2010 Microsoft Windows Embedded Excellence Award winner in Innovation for the CareHPV design.

Intel Logo 

 InHand is a General Member of the Intel® Embedded Alliance. The membership includes  InHand as part of a community of communications and embedded developers and solution providers. 


EDGE Innovation Network

InHand is part of the EDGE Innovation Network. It is designed to reduce the development cycle time and cost for new warfighter technologies and capabilities. The EDGE enables an environment of collaboration between customers, industry and academic members with access to laboratory and test facilities. In just over a year, more than 20 innovations have been successfully demonstrated to U.S. military and government customers. As part of this network, InHand is recognized for achievements on U.S. military and government projects and has the wealth of knowledge from other EDGE partners as resources for U.S. military or government projects.

Incorporated since 2000, and based on the intellectual property development efforts of its three founders, InHand’s headquarters have always been establish in Montgomery County, Maryland. InHand is a proud member of the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce. For more information on MCCC, visit

InHand Contributing Partnerships


InHand utilizes Android software                InHand products utilize Texas Instruments OMAP            Linux for Devices